The R&D Spending Performance 8-8-8 Webinar Series

R&D Spending Performance 8-8-8 Overview

With big data capabilities now a decade old, and much wider access to internet-based data repositories by global researchers, studies have been increasing. The "science of R&D Spending" is still a long way from being stitched together, but studies are beginning to corroborate findings in certain areas. For example, studying the effects of industry awards has become popular. The award givers are interested in knowing the value of their awards, while the award applicants/winners want to know if it was worth all the time and cost to apply. We'll cover several findings. One category of award lead to a 1% increase in stock price. This example is representative of The R&D Spending Performance 8-8-8 Webinar Series as a whole. In three one-hour sessions, we'll be sharing findings with some substance behind them on the emerging management science of R&D Spending.

Each webinar presents the essence of the subject matter on each topic and provides complete references, citations, and additional sources of information to enable you to dive deeper into any specific topic where you wish further information. If you are looking for "just the facts" without any spin or someone trying to sell you something, these webinars are just for you.

The 8-8-8 Webinars

8 Conditions That Impact R&D Spending Results

The first program focuses on factors that will negatively impact spending and spending performance. Some of them are controllable, some are not. We discuss eight conditions ranging from spending decisions in boom and bust periods, to overspending and underspending, to the impacts of variable spending and negative events on output and productivity, that lessen output and outcomes.

We'll begin the program by contrasting the R&D spending patterns of R&D spending countries in the world, quickly move that discussion to an industry level, and then look at the impacts over the past twenty years of both spending strategy and economic fluctuations. The 8 Conditions That Impact R&D Spending Results are all very real. The webinar's goal is to put participants in a better position to lessen the effects when stuff happens, or you are directed to make stuff happen.

The R&D Spending Performance 8-8-8 Webinar Series: 1 of 3 - COMPLETED on November 8, 2018 - RECORDING AVAILABLE

8 Metrics That Quantify R&D Spending Performance

The second program focuses on key performance indicators [KPIs] that have R&D spending in their calculation. The metrics range from corporate metrics that are either reported to Wall Street or used by analysts and CFOs, to measures that help to divvy-up funds across business units of different purposes and performance levels, to measures that improve the ranking of investments, to measures that can be used to modulate overspending or underspending for corporate and industry considerations.

We'll begin the program with a discussion of R&D intensity and how it differs across industries and examine some recent cross-industry findings regarding the specific spending of funds for Advanced Development activities. These subjects make for a good lead in to the eight R&D spending metrics as industries are different, as are the quantified values of their metrics.

The R&D Spending Performance 8-8-8 Webinar Series: 2 of 3 - COMPLETED on December 6, 2018 - RECORDING AVAILABLE

8 Actions That Increase R&D Spending Output

The third program focuses on factors that will positively influence spending and spending performance. All of them are within your control. Does your company have its arms around these? We describe eight actions ranging from good CXO behaviors, to data sciences and digital posturing, to timing new product announcements and actively competing for awards, that increase output and outcomes.

We'll begin the program by looking at information that the NSF and National Center for Science & Engineering Studies [NCSES] is collecting from businesses on spending, R&D, and innovation. There is coordination between industry and government at the highest levels to determine some of the research areas. Many map into The 8 Actions That Increase R&D Spending Output, but there is always a lag between the speed of industry and the speed government. The webinar's goal is to offer participants emerging science indicating increased and positive outcomes in eight areas involving R&D spending.

The R&D Spending Performance 8-8-8 Webinar Series: 3 of 3 - COMPLETED on January 10, 2019 - RECORDING AVAILABLE


For nineteen years Brad Goldense taught graduate students in the Masters in Engineering Management at The Gordon Institute of Tufts University Executive Program, while managing GGI full time. Mr. Goldense has consulted to over two-hundred companies industrial and high-tech companies, and worked in over five-hundred manufacturing locations over his forty-year career. A pioneer in productivity measurement in R&D and product development, Mr. Goldense has helped companies increase their stock prices and market cap through improved innovation productivity. His focus in The Innovation Performance 10-9-8 Webinar Series will be to empower you with a deeper understanding of topics that you may already be familiar with, and he will likely introduce you to some new topics that you can put to work for your company and your career.

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