GGI Affiliates

Consulting Services

Catalyst Management Consulting - Catalyst provides an outstanding cadre of consultants with experience in new product development, information systems, executive coaching, quantitative analysis, process modeling, cost and productivity estimating, systems modeling, requirements capture, project control, and other skills.

Project Management Partners - PMP is a consulting and training firm in the business of improving project performance.

Publications - offers free business publications and articles through its directory-based search engine.


Lorman® Education Services - Lorman® Education Services delivers high-quality, timely education to various professionals using diverse forms of media and technology. They provide licensing credits and lifelong learning to enhance professional growth.

On August 12, 2009 GGI gave a webinar through Lorman® on "Product Development Metrics for Manufacturers: Measuring Your Productivity."

On April 3, 2014, GGI will be presenting a second webinar through Lorman® entitled "R&D Metrics for Manufacturers: Measuring Your Productivity."

TrainingConsortium - TrainingConsortium provides a detailed registration process for all trainers, consultants, speakers, and vendors. This process includes valuable information such as industry experience, area of expertise, geography, primary target audience, and more. Users, in turn, search for trainers, consultants, speakers and vendors who match their needs and specific criteria.


GGI Affiliates