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This Summit will provide participants with a comprehensive look at the Innovation Body of Knowledge for product strategy, marketing, R&D, development, and commercialization functions.  There will be an emphasis on top management enablers and techniques that create and embed systematic corporate innovation.  Primary and secondary industry research on innovation tools, techniques, and metrics are employed throughout the Summit.

Our first goal will be to codify the current management science of innovation in corporations.  The Summit will demonstrate the expanse of the innovation body of knowledge and synthesize what is actually working in companies.  Our approach will be as factual and quantitative as possible for the subject matter.  We constantly refresh the Summit.  This 14th Summit has new speakers and topics reflecting changes in innovation strategies and practices.  There will be four hands-on exercises to internalize key techniques, and their costs and benefits.

Our second goal will be to take a look at the likely corporate innovation landscape, capabilities, and changes in the decade ahead.  Organizations will evolve to accommodate open innovation and IP, as they did with globalization and supply-chain.  Business processes will change as early-stage inventions are increasingly transacted in targeted markets before they are commercialized.  Functions that define and create products will have both "make vs. buy"  and "produce vs. license" decisions at every step of the way, as open innovation and IP take hold. 

Our third goal will be to alert you to categories of tools and systems that will enter the work place.  When industry demanded "better innovation" back around 2004, service and software companies got busy.  After ten years, a number of tools, techniques and technologies are standing the test of time.  Pretty good research exists on the ones to think more seriously about.  Little is mainstream yet, but what is working and what is not working is becoming more clear.

At the conclusion of the Summit, participants will be current with industry management science and will have a glimpse of the future. Professionals wishing to put themselves and their fellow company leaders in a better position to lead, nurture, stimulate, and drive innovation and invention should consider this venue.  Numerous participants have said, "GGI's Summit is an Executive MBA on the subject of Innovation."


The ability of top managers and professionals to direct and manage Innovation in their companies is the focus of the 14th R&D-Product Development Innovation Summit, Tue/Wed/Thur Month Day, Year in metro Boston.

The Innovation Summit is a fact and data driven three-day seminar and workshop focused on the select areas of innovation and intellectual property that are tangible and actionable by corporations and their management team.

Summit Description

Our quantitative approach to innovation in R&D, Product Development, and Product Commercialization emphasizes benchmarking both current performance and leading trends.  We keep focused on issues that are the responsibility of top professionals, the decisions they have to make, and the monetary implications of these decisions.  

The Summit opens with a focus on innovation strategies and business models that are known to produce results, along with the things that CEOs and CXOs can do to foster an innovative environment and culture. Next, we examine a series of tools that companies currently use and identify how changes in management communications can eke more innovation out of existing practices.  We then turn to examine a selection of about sixty new tools (out of three hundred we are aware of) that have become available this past decade; and explain the costs, benefits, and implementation time to productive results.

In the middle of the Summit, we familiarize participants with a handful of the most powerful tools that currently exist.  Our guest speakers are subject matter experts in each of these techniques, and associated software.  A discussion on best IP practices, dealing with the PTO, and the complex subject of IP valuation follows.

Heading into the home stretch, the Summit shifts from internal organic innovation to external open and outsourced innovation.  While industry results are still expectedly mixed, it is important for all leaders to have a lay of the land today and a feel for what likely will transpire in the years ahead.  We then rise in our thinking to look across all R&D-Product Development innovation as a whole, to focus exclusively on measures and metrics for innovation and its business results.  As the Summit wraps up, we discuss techniques for recognizing and rewarding innovation; which is then followed by a series of "best book" reviews across the critical subjects of innovation.

The 8 Innovation Modules

The content of the Summit is organized into eight modules.

1. Best Practice Innovation Processes
2. Corporate-Level & Tactical-Level Innovation Drivers
3. Innovation Enablers & Tools: 5 Groups & 50 Items
4. Three Key Innovation Tools & Techniques
5. Semantic Technologies & Knowledge-Enabled Innovation
6. Best Practice IP Valuation, Management, & Communication
7. Open & Outsourced Innovation Frameworks
8. Innovation Metrics, Rewards, & Reading

The Summit ATaGLANCE describes the flow over the three days.

Who Should Come

The subject matter of the Summit is geared to top-level managerial and technical executives that manage entire organizations, departments, and budgets; and programs, teams, and budgets.  Numerous companies have brought groups of officers ranging from three to ten in size in their quest to develop an improved and systematic ability to innovate across their employee base.

Directors and leaders of market, technology, product, and IP creation activities will gain a better understanding of the leadership techniques that work, along with the tools and technologies available today that give the best chance to systematically embed innovation in company culture and projects. One size does not fit all. The techniques that might drive a "innovator strategy" product line are different than those for a "balanced portfolio strategy" product line.

Summit Faculty

This Summit will be led by Bradford L. Goldense, an internationally recognized expert on R&D, product development, innovation, and metrics. He will be accompanied by Adam J. Bulakowski, an international authority on intellectual property management and valuation. Adam has been involved in many of the large deals you read about.  William Petrow, an EE and Registered USPTO Patent Agent, will discuss how to extract IP that companys might not know they have to create robust IP portfolios; and techniques that improve patent approval rates. Richard Langevin, co-founder of the Altshuller Institute, who translated much of the original work on TRIZ, will brief us on one of the world's single most powerful innovation tool.   Col. John R. [Dick] Power Ret., an expert in program management who launched the world's largest deployed battlefield communication system, will speak on several topics and lead our group exercises.  Together, our faculty has two centuries worth of experience across most major industries and geographies.

For more information about Goldense Group, Inc. [GGI], a thirty year old internationally recognized company in the areas of product development and measurement, go to our GGI Home Page, or give us a call at  781-444-5400.


Our location is convenient from either Boston-Logan or Providence-Green airport. Mention GGI's Summit when you call the hotel. This best-in-class Sheraton Conference Facility in Norwood, Massachusetts is completely wi-fi, has all amenities, a great walking trail, and boasts a five star chef and great eating.  For more information about the conference hotel, alternative accommodations, transportation, restaurants, and other information, please visit the I'm Already Registered web site.

We hope you will be able to join us in March 2016 for some Tangible Innovation!

!  Thank You For Considering Our Summit  !


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