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R&D Spending Technical Papers - Bundle of Three

Big data analytics is increasingly unraveling the mysteries of R&D Spending and its ultimate results some 5-12 years later. GGI produced three one-hour online programs in late 2018 that zeroed-in on three different areas where progress is being made to tie actual spending actions and decisions to the results they generate. This offer consists of the original three slide decks that were used in the three programs of the R&D Spending Performance 8-8-8 Webinar Series.

T124 - 8 Conditions That Impact R&D Spending Results:  This paper culls the best examples of how to react and decide when eight different conditions arise. Some you can see coming. Some come out of the blue. Most of these conditions cannot be preempted, not even by the CEO. Everyone has to deal with them as best they possibly can. This paper describes the implications of these eight conditions and the best way to deal with them when they land on your doorstep.
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T125 - 8 Metrics That Quantify R&D Spending Performance:  This paper focuses on key performance indicators [KPIs] that use R&D spending in their calculation. The metrics range from corporate metrics that are either reported to Wall Street or used by analysts and CFOs, to measures that help to divvy-up funds across business units of different purposes and performance levels, to measures that improve the ranking of investments, to measures that can be used to modulate overspending or underspending for corporate and industry considerations.
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T126 - 8 Actions That Increase R&D Spending Output:  This paper focuses on factors that will positively influence spending and spending performance. All of them are within your control. Does your company have its arms around these? We describe eight actions ranging from good CXO behaviors, to data sciences and digital posturing, to timing new product announcements and actively competing for awards, that increase output and outcomes.
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GGI is offering the three R&D Spending Performance 8-8-8 Series papers, our current “Featured Item,” bundled at a 40% discount, for $438. The SKU for this bundle is “B005.”

This purchase will pay for itself if you implement just one of the topics from the first and third programs just one time.

GGI’s slide decks are not typical MS Powerpoint presentations. Our Technical Papers are filled with graphics and source data. Full bibliographic references are provided, in formats consistent with those used in refereed papers published in professional and academic journals. Where possible, URLs enabling you to find the source data online are also provided.

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