GGI Company Profile

GGI is an international consulting, market research, and education company headquartered just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. We have a GGiSTORE where one may purchase selected publications, multimedia products, and register for our events.

Our Approach

We started in 1986 and incorporated in 1988. We were one of the first virtual service companies, almost from inception. Our consulting staff has always been external. We assemble the right team, in consultation with our clients, for the work they wish us to do. Our network of experts is notably deeper than the folks we have included on GGI's Team page. Over the years, when performing industry and/or client research projects, we expand. Office operations average one to three professionals. GGI is a small company, with a pleasingly large knowledge base and range.

We have had to reinvent ourselves several times, as does every other corporation of our longevity. Always, we have been in product management, R&D, product development, and manufacturing. Our innovation experience ranges from strategy development at the CXO level, to researching markets and technologies, to overseeing process and product design and implementation efforts through to commercialization. Our approach is knowledge-based. Our improvement and change-management style is content-driven. Understand known management science and best known practices for an area, take time to think out-of-the-box, and then decide. People we work with consistently tell us they feel more in command of the subject matter they oversee after engaging with GGI.

Our courses and educational materials teach the body of knowledge for the topic; a combination of industry practices, ongoing secondary research, and our primary research efforts. That's how the three businesses work together. Three content-driven businesses cross-fertilize each other, and selectively generate publications and multimedia products.

Improving Innovation & Performance Measurement

Since the 1990s, we have been a thought leader in metrics and performance measurement. Our Baseline product was a breakthrough. We developed fifty pages of numbers ranging from strategy, to product-project-technology-IP portfolios, to creative capabilities, to execution capabilities, to commercialization results and return on innovation. The Baseline makes product development transparent. With our deep expertise in process and project management, product design, and both the creative and execution aspects of innovation, we are well positioned to help create positive improvement and change. Both GGI and our clients can measure real results against the Baseline. We have more than a few case studies where we have increased the market cap of medium and large companies by revving the new products component of total revenues. Innovation results and the growth of intangible assets readily increase P/E ratios. Of course, these are not small efforts.

We've been involved in numerous different engagements, everything from righting a problem-project to helping a company figure out its true core competencies and technologies. Because we do not propose a "GGI method or template" of any type, our clients get results that are knowledge-based and tailored to them. We have worked for over 200 of the Fortune 2000 in over 500 manufacturing locations around the world.

Only in the performance measurement area do we suggest our Linked Metrics Portffolio® is superior measurement logic for the innovation functions and other project-based organizations. A good many corporations have incorporated this logic into their dashboards.

If there are areas ranging across basic research, applied research, advanced development, and product development, from strategy to execution, where a company wants or needs to do better, GGI will help you to achieve more success.