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Measuring Co-Development Efforts: Suppliers, Alliances & Partners

A Private Research Group consortium project conducted by GGI.


In today's ever-present quest for speed to market, some of the most successful firms have focused their energy on their unique strengths,while capitalizing on the strengths of other firms to bring better products to market more quickly. Partnering with other firms in the development of a new product, not simply using their existing product in your design, is at the cutting edge of cooperation and possible concurrent development and speed.

The important question that faces every firm is the return they receive for opening up their development envelope to others and establlishing a relationship that will endure to develop and produce a product, platform or new family of products. Some of the challenges this research might address include:

  • Reasons for entering into partnership.
    • Mitigate risk,
    • Innovate new products,
    • Increase market share,

  • Measuring the performance of co-development partners (supplier, alliance or partner).
    • Cycle time,
    • Communication,
    • decision-making,
    • other processes,etc.

  • Identifying the added value as a result of working in partership.
    • Market share,
    • Profit
    • Entry into new markets,
    • Innovation, etc.

  • How to measure the effectiveness of the partnership.
    • Internal metrics for all projects vs. co-dev. projects,
    • Jointly developed metrics to measure partnership results,
    • Your measures to evaluate the external partner,
    • Number of co-development arrangements currently active,
    • Rate of success in co-dev. projects, etc.

Study Approach

Common Participation

  • Research partners conduct virtual meetings for introductory session,
  • GGI conducts literature search on the topic and shares with partners,
  • Research partners meet to develop questions in detail and focused target for research,
  • Research partners provide their input; GGI research continues,
  • Draft report developed by GGI for review by research partners and,
  • Final report delivered to research partners and presented in face-to-face group session (preferably hosted by partner company).

Optional Participation

  • If "Best Practice" company(s) emerge from the research, site visits may be arranged at an additional cost.
  • Subset of partners have a special interest which may be pursued by joint meetings and further focused research.
  • Special cases results in an addendum to the common report (participants only).


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