Measuring Product Development Productivity & Performance

Corporate Metrics, Project Metrics, Functional Metrics, Dashboard ...

April 25, 2017

Description: This webinar provides an overview of the content of the Masterclass to be given at the Moller Centre at the University of Cambridge in England on October 4-5, 2017.


There has been the equivalent of a sea change in the metrics companies use since the market crashed in 2008. It became evident in 2013 and is ongoing. Did you reorient your metrics, by about 25%, towards business and financial output in the past five years?

This webinar offers a summary of a Masterclass on utilizing metrics to maximize innovation. We encapsulate the specific KPIs and an executive dashboard design for a company's collective innovation investments:   R&D, Advanced Development, Product Development, Innovation, Technical and Functional Competencies, R&D Productivity, and R&D-related Intellectual Property.

The dashboard connects the necessary metrics going three levels deep into innovation organisations to the handful of KPIs needed by CEO and C-Suite for financial reporting and investors in a one-page portfolio.

The selections of metrics are different for every company, and strategy dependent.  One size doe not fit all.  You will get what you measure.  Good metrics improve strategic and operational decision-making, and focus the organisation resulting in a more effective and productive innovation environment.

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