The State of R&D - Product Development Metrics: An Interview & Discussion With Brad Goldense

In this 40 minute interview with Alex Cooper, President of Management Roundtable, Brad Goldense discusses the progress that organizations are making on measuring innovation, the growing importance and value of intellectual property, emerging predictive metrics and on the need to link development metrics to overall corporate strategy.

Specific Interview Questions:

  1. Over the past five years how have metrics changed at your organization? How do you see metrics changing over the next few years?
  2. Many companies struggle to identify and implement predictive metrics - what has been your organization's approach to achieving this balance?
  3. Qualitative concepts/data can be difficult to standardize and compare - can you shed some light on how your company utilizes and interprets this data?
  4. Has the level of emphasis on metrics increased or decreased at your company? Why or why not?
  5. Does your organization have specific metrics for measuring innovation versus metrics for project management/product development?
  6. Some would argue that having a small set of key product development/R&D metrics versus a large portfolio of metrics is critical for success. What side of this argument does your company subscribe to and why?