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T108 - "Top 12 Trends in the Science of Managing R&D and Product Development"

2016 R&D Summit,
Warsaw, Poland
April 14, 2016 -- [105 Pages]
ISBN 978-1-937115-18-0

Introduction:This keynote presentation was made at the Techbrainer's 2016 R&D Summit in Warsaw, Poland.

Description:  The existence of Big Data, combined with industry's progress to achieve The Internet of Things [IoT], will transform today's common perceptions of "products." Multiple layers of software and sensors will be built atop and around every product, greatly changing the scope and resources necessary to achieve business success. Continued minituration and the ability to print products will gradually overtake most industries, transforming downstream development. The twenty-five year trend of companies becoming more open is now affecting R&D.

In the decade ahead, just like operations folks do already, make vs. buy decisions will become an everyday norm for product developers. Intellectual property will be an easily priced and traded commodity. The technical and functional competencies of engineering and scientific managers, leaders, and product creators will change significantly to compete.

This exciting future will be addressed through the discussion of twelve trends that will affect the science of managing R&D and Product Development.

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