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T113 - "Measuring Product Development Productivity & Performance"

Measuring Product Development Productivity & Performance Masterclass,
Moller Centre, University of Cambridge, England
April 25, 2017 -- [37 Pages]
ISBN13 978-1-937115-29-6

Introduction: This webinar presentation was made on April 25, 2017 to prospective attendees of the Measuring Product Development Productivity & Performance Masterclass scheduled and held October 3-4, 2017 at the Moller Centre at the University of Cambridge in the UK.

Description:  For those seeking to improve the performance of R&D innovation and execution, this presentation covers many key subjects of interest to Executive Officers and CXOs, Program Managers, and R&D Leaders. R&D must be optimized at the top. Imperfections within the organization should be tightly managed - but tolerated. Optimizing efficiency at every level reduces overall effectiveness.

The session begins by discussing several corporate-level performance measures, transitions to identify the top four R&D strategies and the logic of pipeline yield, illustrates the use of hurdle rates to select products and the inherent risks of product development, and finishes-up with a case study of a metrics portfolio for a company that follows a "platform-derivative" development strategy.

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