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T103 - "TRIZ: A Useful Tool For DFMA Innovations - An Essay [Written Paper]"

The 2015 International Forum on Design for Manufacture and Assembly,
Providence, Rhode Island, USA
June 2, 2015 -- [7 Pages]
ISBN 978-1-937115-13-5

Introduction: This presentation was made at the Boothroyd-Dewhurst 30th Annual International Forum on Design For Manufacture and Assembly [BDI] held June 2, 2015 in Providence Rhode Island.  As formal technical conference, a byline authored technical paper is also required in addition to a presentation.

Description:  TRIZ, pronounced "trees," is a relatively new tool to the engineering tool kit. Created in Russia by Genrich Altshuller over a fifty year period, it was not until the 1990s that English versions of his work became available. Through the analysis of four hundred thousand Russian patents, by hand, Altshuler sought to identify the specific characteristics that every engineer strives to optimize in their designs. Thirty-nine were found. By examining these individual characteristics, Altshuller was then able to identify forty specific principles that engineers use to optimize these characteristics. Perhaps the most powerful tool for systematic innovation available on the planet today, many turn away from it because the possible permutations and combinations of a forty by thirty-nine matrix are daunting. Software, like it has done for DFM/A, has simplified many of the time consuming mechanics of executing TRIZ. And, like DFM/A, once one has experience with the technique, one can cut to the quick with good rational thinking. The frameworks and values of TRIZ, and its usefulness to DFM/A practitioners, will be the focus. A brief application of the TRIZ method, showing how camera manufacturers solved the problem of red eyes in photographs, will conclude the session.

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