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T114 - "DFI: Design for the Industrial Internet and the Internet of Things - An Essay
[Written Paper]"

The 2017 International Forum on Design for Manufacture and Assembly,
Providence, Rhode Island, USA
June 6, 2017 -- [24 Pages]
ISBN 978-1-937115-24-1

Introduction:  This paper was presented at the Boothroyd-Dewhurst 32nd Annual International Forum on Design For Manufacture and Assembly [BDI] held June 6, 2017 in Providence Rhode Island.  As formal technical conference, a byline authored technical paper is also required in addition to a presentation.

Description:  The definition of a product, and the look of a factory that makes it, will undergo transformation and redefinition across commercial, consumer, and medical industries in twenty-years time. The sooner companies can figure out an initial systematic approach, that can be continuously renewed as the Industrial Internet [IIoT] and the Internet of Things [IoT] and their numerous protocols head towards standardization, the better off they will be.

Retrofitting to keep pace will be quite expensive. The IoT is a system-level feature and will be best implemented if it is designed-in to product families as a feature of their architecture and subassemblies. The bulk of the responsibility will fall to Product Development. Today's internet technology is developed outside most companies and designed-in to products. DFI, a new member of the DFX family, will be introduced in concept for the first time at the 32nd DFMA Forum.

A few years from now, R&D and Advanced Development will get more engaged as next-gen sensors move from lab to industry. DFI will then become an end-to-end company process. New, recently created and largely untested, DFI operational frameworks and metrics that measure degrees of "IoT-Enabled" and "IoT-Capability" will be presented -- so as to encourage audience comment and feedback.

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