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T127 - "7 Ways To Create Value With Product Design"

Product Design Value 7-6-7 Plus Series,
Needham, Massachusetts, USA
March 14, 2019 -- [61 Pages]
ISBN 978-1-937115-39-5


This presentation was made in conjunction with the Product Design Value 7-6-7 Plus Series on March 14, 2019 in Needham, Massachusetts.


This paper focuses on opportunities to design-in capabilities that will enhance the appeal and increase the value of products from their point of purchase throughout the product's life cycle. We will discuss seven different opportunities, and quantify the size of the economic opportunity for each. The least opportunity represents a 20% increase in revenues unto itself. The several large opportunities represent upwards from 200% increases in revenue and profit from the same design effort.

For each of the value creation opportunities during product planning and design we will provide a bit of history, describe the current status of the opportunity, provide facts and figures on the size of the revenue/profit and/or market cap opportunity, and offer our best thoughts on speed and progress in the years ahead.

The Plus in this 7-6-7 Series program will touch on how miniaturization of design, next generation motors, and a couple more topics will also begin to influence product design.

Bibliographic references are provided for the numerous cases and examples that are cited.

Note:  This is the Technical Paper presented during GGI's webinar program W012 entitled 7 Ways To Create Value With Product Design. All content slides match those in the W012 webinar.

Table of Contents for Technical Paper 127

Section Titles:
A Historical Look At Design & The Next Coming  3
7 ROI-Generating Values & Techniques   6
   01-Design For IIoT & IoT   6
   02-Driving Transformation Scenarios 13
   03-Utilizing Big Data Sciences 19
   04-Adopting Digital Postures 27
   05-Evaluating Industrial & UI Design 33
   06-Timing Product Announcements 39
   07-Achieving Award Recognitions 46
   PLUS: Miniaturization, Motors, More On The Horizon 54
What Lies Ahead? 56-58
Author Biography 60-61

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