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T128 - "6 Ways To Reap Value From Product Design"

Product Design Value 7-6-7 Plus Series,
Needham, Massachusetts, USA
April 11, 2019 -- [58 Pages]
ISBN 978-1-937115-40-1


This presentation was made in conjunction with the Product Design Value 7-6-7 Plus Series on April 11, 2019 in Needham, Massachusetts.


This paper focuses on opportunities to increase the value of products, portfolios, and brands that have been robustly designed. We discuss six different opportunities, and quantify the size of the economic opportunity for each. These opportunities all have double-digit potential to increase revenues and profits, and single digit for market cap. In some cases, incremental monies will be needed to realize the augmentation potential of the design or design-leverage ability.

For each of these value creation opportunities, that occur in late design through early commercialization, we will provide a bit of history, describe how to put the opportunity into practice, provide facts and figures on the size of the revenue, profit, market cap, or cost savings potential, and offer our best thoughts on what lies ahead.

The Plus in this 7-6-7 Series program will touch on a dozen selected awards and recognitions for good product design, as distinguished from the multitude of award and recognition program categories existing today.

Bibliographic references are provided for the numerous cases and examples that are cited.

Note:  This is the Technical Paper presented during GGI's webinar program W013 entitled 6 Ways To Reap Value From Product Design. All content slides match those in the W013 webinar.

Table of Contents for Technical Paper 128

Section Titles:
NSF & NCSES Business Census On Product Design   3
6 Ways To Reap Full Value From Informed Product Design   9
   01-Digital Development Operations   9
   02-Digital Customer Experience 19
   03-Network Revenue Amplification 25
   04-Intellectual Asset Leverage 31
   05-Product Announcements 40
   06-Product Awards 45
   PLUS: A Dozen Major Global Awards For Product Designs 49
Financial Premiums Reaped From Great Product Design 52-55
Author Biography 57-58

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