When Will PLM Become The Norm?

Although PLM emerged in 2001, those who work in the PLM field know that, even in 2016, it’s far from fully implemented. They may wonder how long widespread full acceptance and implementation of the PLM paradigm will take, and ask, “When will PLM become the norm?”

The author, John Stark, is a subject matter expert in all things related to Product Lifecycle Management [PLM]. For three decades, John has published the bi-monthly 2PDM and now 2PLM ezine from the PLM Institute located in Geneva, Switzerland. In a recent article, published on January 14, 2016 in LinkedIn Pulse, John explores the fifteen years (and counting) time frame relating to industry’s adoption of PLM.

Brad Goldense is quoted several times in this article relating to GGI’s position on the length of time it takes new bodies of knowledge to evolve and mature.

When will PLM become the Norm?, takes a look at what has happened in PLM since 2001 and hypothesizes how much longer it may take to achieve widespread industry adoption of PLM capabilities.

 When Will PLM Become The Norm

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