The Mission Of GGI’s Blog

I would like to welcome readers to GGI’s new blog. After twenty-five years as a corporation with a few hundred published articles and citations in traditional media and press, it seems appropriate to also now author a blog. In the coming months and years ahead, we hope to capture your intellectual curiosity and some of your emotional intelligence. Readers can expect to encounter thought leadership, thought provocation, facts and data, and occasionally some humor requiring very little thought.

In the near term, GGI’s founder, Brad Goldense will be penning most of the content. Over time, we expect to find ways to integrate some of the themes of our decade-long company newsletter, “GGI RapidNews,” into this forum; including book reviews, key trends, and essential news items for professionals in leading positions.

The initial purpose of GGI’s Driving Product Development™ blog is to explore the continuously evolving techniques and technologies of product strategy, creation, development, and early commercialization that enable corporations to achieve higher returns for their shareholders.

Call us old timers, but “value-chain” and “value-added” are terms that will always ring true and are equally applicable both intra-company and inter-company. It may not be popular or voiced very often, but top managers know that all business functions are not created equal and all business-to-business relationships as well. Sure, every business function over time will have its day in the sun. Also sure is that each business-to-business relationship will have days in the sun. But, on a day-to-day basis, certain activities require unyielding focus and attention to generate the ongoing value that ultimately propels companies to outperform their competitors.  R&D and Product Development are among the most important business areas. Focus on these activities is the centerpiece of GGI’s blog.

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