WEBINAR: Measuring Product Development Productivity & Performance

On October 3-4, 2017, in conjunction with Moon-On-A-Stick [MOAS], GGI will be presenting a fast-paced two-day version of our R&D-Product Development Metrics Summit at the renowned Moller Center at Churchill College on the University of Cambridge campus in England.


We’ve never attempted the subject matter in two days before.  Most feedback over the 21 Metrics Summits GGi has held in the USA is that three days was tight.  Participants are sure to to have their gray matter running overtime!

MOAS is the reincarnation of a firm GGI collaborated with a dozen years ago.  Under new ownership, our paths have crossed again on the subjects of innovation and measurement.  Currently, Dr. Robert Cooper collaborates with them on agile and Stage-Gate®.  Dr. Jay Paap collaborates with them on technology strategy and roadmapping.  GGI will collaborate with them on performance measurement and metrics.

The Webinar

MOAS asked if GGI would give a webinar that would stand alone as an educational session, while also giving an overview of what folks might expect on October 3-4.  The webinar occurred Tuesday April 25 and lasted 42 minutes.


If you would like to view a recording of the webinar, we ask that you provide your name and email address to see the streamed video.  Warning.  You are sure to get a follow-up email or two to see if you might want to participate in October. 🙂

View The Webinar Streamed Through Your Browser

Please take the plunge.  No one left early from this webinar. True story!

The Masterclass

If you would like additional information regarding our whirlwind two days coming up in October, there is a simple Registration Site.  There is also a Brochure.  Thank you for your interest!




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