Test Suite Rebalancing Reduces Time-To-Market

Has your company been around for a long time? Did your products start off as purely mechanical, then evolve to electro-mechanical, then to electronic, and are now software-driven hardware? Are the historical underpinnings of your testing and quality organizations rooted in manufacturing operations and validating physical products? If so, then rebalancing the test suite may shorten your time-to-market.

Rebalancing a test suite is not easy. It requires much thought and patience, and it is not inexpensive. But lengthy time-to-market is also not inexpensive if the revenue streams of all products could be brought forward a number of weeks or months. ROI justifications are unique to each company. So, rebalancing will be worth it for some firms and not others.

Test Suite Rebalancing Reduces Time-To-Market [Machine Design – April 2015] discusses the complexities and merits of a systematic examination of a company’s test suite, with the goal of discovering bugs earlier and reducing time-to-market across all new products.