Press Release: 19th R&D-Product Development Metrics Summit, August 25-27, 2015

NEEDHAM, Mass. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — March 23, 2015 — GGI will be holding our 19th Summit on Metrics for corporate, business, research, and product development executives during the last week of August at the Four Points by Sheraton – Norwood Inn & Conference Center. The location of all GGI Metrics Summits, this conference center is conveniently equidistant between Boston and Providence airports.

The 19th Summit consists of two seminars, and a workshop that is interspersed with micro seminars. In three days, we will cover the wide range of topics necessary to comprehensively measure corporate investments in research and development. The culminating workshop will result in a take home draft, using GGI’s Linked Metrics Portfolio™ method, of a portfolio of metrics that measure three levels into R&D and produce a handful of metrics for the CEO’s needs. Numerous corporations use our approach that meets the specialized needs of project-based environments while producing business-level metrics that feed into corporate scorecards and financial statements.

Tuesday focuses on the hardest to quantify corporate innovation measurement issues: Risk & Complexity, Hurdle Rates, Trade-Off Analysis, Capacity & Pipeline Management, and the few Metrics that capture the financial performance of R&D as a whole. It concludes with a review of the Top 101 metrics that corporations use to oversee their R&D investments.

Wednesday morning we generate “Proactive” forward-looking R&D metrics to guide the culture of the innovation environment. Discussion then switches to early metrics that are “Predictive” of the outcomes of R&D investments.

The Workshop begins in the afternoon and continues Thursday. Participants organize into teams based on the commonality of their corporate R&D strategy. A common strategy is more important than a common industry at the financial reporting level of corporations. Innovator, Platform, Balanced, and Follower strategy metrics differ. Teams determine their “must have” metrics. Then, a series rounding-out topics are interspersed into the workshop. These micro seminars cover metrics for Applied Research, Advanced Development, Intellectual Property, Technical & Functional & X-Functional Disciplines, Software, and Supplier Management.

The Summit wraps-up with team presentations of their draft Metrics Portfolios, and their explanations on how their metrics support their chosen R&D Strategy. A discussion on Implementing Metrics concludes the event.

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NOTE:  Inadvertently, the actual Business Wire press release title was issued with the dates August 27-29.  The correct dates are August 25-27, Tuesday to Thursday, as the title in this blog post correctly indicates.

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19th R&D-Product Development Metrics Summit

Early Bird Rates conclude at the end of business Pacific Time on Friday, June 26.


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