Press Release: 14th R&D-Product Development Innovation Summit: Innovation For VUCA Times!

NEEDHAM, Mass. — (PRJ) — February 11, 2016 — The corporate quest to master innovation began in the 1990s. Prahalad, Hamel, Moore, Utterback, and Christensen’s writings seeded the field. In 2004, Business Week published its first ranking of the “The World’s Most Innovative Companies” and the innovation race was on.

For two decades now, the innovation body of knowledge has been both growing and refining. Models and frameworks by esteemed companies, consultancies and research firms have come and gone; as have about half of the initial providers of enabling techniques and software. Of course, what worked has remained.

Most companies are quite lean these days and only a few markets are growing rapidly. Future growth and profit will largely result from having a better product portfolio than one’s competitors. There is little fat left to cut. The mastery of innovation is essential to gain competitive advantage in the years ahead. Today’s ability to monetize and trade intellectual property (IP) assets now makes both products and their IP transactable commodities, furthering the importance of innovation.

GGI held our first Innovation Summit in January 2006. Each year we take a fresh snap shot of the state-of-practice across strategies, tactics, techniques, tools, software, and metrics. Our program focuses on the needs of CXOs, managers, and thought leaders to direct and enable innovation in their companies. Some five hundred companies have participated. Many initial participants rejoined us five and seven years later for a fresh update. You will meet some of them if you decide to register.


GGI’s 14th R&D-Product Development Innovation Summit will be held March 29-31, 2016 in Norwood, Massachusetts. Norwood is half way between Boston and Providence, providing participants with two airport choices to best their travel expenses. Group rates are available at our Four Points Sheraton Inn & Conference Center.

This information intensive event draws on our thirty years in business consulting to Fortune 1000 companies, findings from over fifty secondary research sources, and fifteen years of our own primary research on product development, innovation, IP, and metrics. Our six hundred-page color course book cites all references and enables participants to follow-up on their specific interests when they return to their offices.

Our Summit delivers the goods to update executives and professionals on the state-of-practice, and provides the empowering knowledge that is needed to increase corporate product portfolio and brand value from innovation and IP improvements in their companies. Many participants have said, “GGI’s Summit is the equivalent of an Executive MBA on Innovation in three days.”

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