IP & Innovation Will Drive Product Development

Intellectual Property Changes In The Next 15 Years, April 5, 2011, discussed the “Seven Generations” of Product Development that have occurred in the past 60 years and are occurring in the next 20 years.  These Generations serve as a useful guideline for professionals that have the responsibility to direct and guide other professionals toward a common goal in the technical functions of a corporation.

Industry currently has feet in two generations at the same time, “Technology Push” and  “IP Enabled.”  What is happening in technology in all industries today makes the boom of the late 1990s pale in comparison.  The same can be said of IP, and it has very little to do with the “First-To-File” legislation that went into effect on March 16, 2013.  FTF caused almost no change for non-US corporations who already had their procedures set up for FTF.  Most US corporations had adequate time to reset to FTF.  GGI is currently doing research on whether or not FTF caused change to company trade secret policies and procedures, more on that by late fall.  No, the commoditization and monetization of IP is the big deal.  When IP can be readily sold, especially before it is put into a product, many corporations will evolve their approach to product development.

IP and Innovation Will Drive Product Development [Machine Design – June 13, 2013], discusses attributes, challenges, and opportunities to succeed in the Technology Push and IP Enabled Generations.

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