Brad Goldense Appointed Technical Expert By Penton Publishing

Penton Publishing has quietly been executing a corporate initiative across its featured magazines, the appointment of “Contributing Technical Experts.”  GGI is pleased to share with you that Bradford L. Goldense, founder and president of GGI, has been appointed a Contributing Technical Expert for Penton’s Machine Design magazine.

Mr. Goldense has a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Brown University and an MBA from Cornell University.  He holds four professional certifications:  New Product Development Professional [NPDP] from PDMA, Certified Manufacturing Engineer [CMfgE] from SME, Certified In Production and Inventory Management [CPIM] from APICS, and Certified Computer Professional [CCP] from ICCP.  Brad taught in the graduate engineering school, The Gordon Institute, at Tufts University for nineteen years.  Mr. Goldense has consulted to over 250 industrial and high tech companies in over 700 manufacturing locations over his thirty-five year career.  He holds over two-hundred registered copyrights.  His work has been published by The Economist Group, Business Week, Industry Week, CFO Magazine, and numerous other trade publications. Goldense Group, Inc. [GGI], founded in 1986, is a consulting, market research, and executive education firm located in Needham, Massachusetts.

Mr. Goldense’s recent articles will be featured on Machine Design’s home page. His contributions will be maintained in Machine Design’s archives.

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