20th R&D-Product Development Metrics Summit: Oct 18-20, 2016

A quick note to let you know that our 20th R&D-Product Development Metrics Summit is coming up, October 18-20 in Norwood, MA.  Our conference facility is equidistant between the Providence and Boston airports, and a comprehensive renovation has just been completed.  The place is beautiful and the food is great.

20th R&D-Product Development Metrics Summit

New Participants & Alumni Too

Since 2005, when we held our first Metrics Summit, the structure of the Summit has remained the same.  But, now a decade later, near 100% of the content is updated; as are the course books.  Last year, folks that had attended our initial Summits (back when) started returning for an update.  They were not disappointed.  If you participated before 2012, almost 100% will be new material to you.

Latest Updated Content

Just this past year alone, updates include a number of new CXO-level metrics that hit critical mass in 2015.  And, we have a fresh look at the Top 100 Metrics used in industry.  The great recession created significant change in the metrics corporations now use to drive productivity and performance.  This new information is statistically accurate.

Plus, with all that is going on the world, the science of measuring Risk is getting attention.  Most companies, ERM system or not, have little actual knowledge of the business, portfolio, and product risks they face.  We have taken the view of a CFO for the advances in risk science that we will be presenting.

New-To-The-World Internet-of-Things [IoT] Metrics

The Internet of Things is evolving rapidly. The IoT affects the product lines and process environment of just about every company, yet no one is systematically measuring the IoT at this time.  In ten years there will be two types of companies, those adept in IoT and those that will get bought by those that are adept.  To that end, as GGI has done in each decade, we have been developing forward-looking new-to-the-world metrics for critical areas where metrics do not yet exist.

We will be rolling out IoT and IIoT Metrics for the first time at the 20th Metrics Summit.  The new module will be presented during the Workshop along with our more recent modules on Intellectual Property, Advanced Development, and Functional/Technical Competency metrics for product development.

In the years ahead, it will be necessary to measure IoT prowess at the top of the organization.  It will be necessary to measure IoT capabilities added by projects and those delivered in products.  It will be necessary to measure the IoT abilities of professionals as relates to their functional and technical responsibilities.  And, of course, it will be necessary to measure IoT improvement efforts.  We are not sure that everything we have created will become mainstream over the next decade, but we have a track record for the last thirty years of being among the first to anticipate the next great waves of metrics.

Much of our developmental work becomes mainstream.  The most recent example of this is what we did to tie both Advanced Development activities and Intellectual Property into Product Development, and then into Sales and Profits.  We are not allowed to tell you which companies, but they did attend our Summits and you know their names.

Please Join Us In October

Senior executives wishing to put themselves and their colleagues in a better position to direct and drive product creation and commercialization should strongly consider attending. Many participants have said, “this Summit covers everything an officer and senior manager needs to know on the subject of Metrics.”

Please join us. Content is stimulating, and our Summit discussions and Workshop are great fun too.


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