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General Information About GGI's Primary Research

GGI surveys industry approximately every two years. We are experienced primary, secondary, and private researchers. If you participate in our primary research you will receive a copy of our "Summary" report. If you did not participate, you may elect to purchase reports we have published.

Participating In GGI Research

Participants who submit complete questionnaires on time will receive a copy of our "Summary" document. The Summary will be on the order of 30-50 pages in length and will contain factual observations, analysis, and graphical results of every survey question across the survey population.

Available Reports

Three reports are typically published for each primary research project. Each report contains the results on how companies, typically North American and European industrial and high tech companies, responded to the questions; along with observations, analysis and key findings written by GGI's research team.

Our "Highlights" Report contains in-depth text of these results across the survey population.

Our "Summary" Report adds extensive graphics to our Highlights Report.

Our "Detailed Results" Report is the Summary Reoprt plus additional cross-section analyses of the survey data: Public vs. Private, High-Tech vs. Low-Tech, Large Revenues vs. Small Revenues, Many Employees vs. Few Employees, and Process vs. Repetitive vs. Discrete vs. Job-Shop Operations.

You can purchase a Hard Copy[h], or a soft copy PDF with an associated Corporate[c] license enabling you to post the document on your corporate intranet and/or VPN for the use of all employees.

Purchase Reports

Click here to go to The Wisdom iStore to purchase these reports.

GGI Primary Research Projects


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