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MR12 - "2000 Product Development Metrics Research Summary

December 31, 2000, Republished January 1, 2002 -- [96 Pages]

Product Description:

The 2000 Product Development Metrics Survey was focused on product portfolio management metrics. The survey was offered in three reports of increasingly detailed description and analysis: Research Highlights (MR11), Research Summary (MR12), and Research Results (MR14). The first two reports, MR11 and MR12, analyze the survey population as a whole. MR11 is an “all text” summary of the findings. MR12 contains all the text of MR11 as well as a graphical analysis of each survey question. MR14 contains everything contained in MR12, plus text and graphics for five different segment analyses of the survey population.

The 2000 Product Development Research Summary is a 96-page report, which has narrative and slides that describe and analyze overall survey results, profiles of survey respondents, how metrics link product development to corporate business strategies, how product portfolios are managed, what determines product success and what metrics are used by companies.

Since portfolio management is the key survey focus, more attention is given to questions about product category frameworks, counting methods, numbers of released/active and backlogged products, product life cycles, sales from new products and the like.

How do companies select their new products? What product goals are most important? How is success determined? These and other survey results may be surprising. How far has industry come since the 1998 survey?

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