GGI focuses on improving business and technology management strategies and practices for product conception, creation, development, and commercialization.

Market Research

GGI has an ongoing commitment to learn and stay ahead of the needs of our clients through our proprietary research and publications, and leadership roles with professional and trade associations.

Executive Education

GGI educational programs are open to the public and are also offered privately for companies. Our industry experience, proprietary research, and extensive secondary research all manifest in value-added programs for CXOs.

Corporate Innovation Strategy, Tactics, and Operations Optimization for

R&D, Applied Research, Advanced Development, Product Development, and Life Cycle

Technologies, Intellectual Property, Portfolios, Products, Projects, Organization

Creativity, Execution, Culture, Measurement, Metrics, KPIs, Financial Performance

Upcoming Webinars & Courses

GGI produces content-rich educational programs in the areas of Business Strategy, Product Strategy, Product Management, R&D, Product Development, Innovation, and Performance Measurement.  We offer our programs both directly and through alliances. Between 2005 and 2017, GGI produced over thirty immersive three-day Summits on the bodies of knowledge of innovation and metrics.  Great companies participated.  Alumni take-aways from our Metrics Summits and Innovation Summits are worthwhile.  All past and future GGI programs are available in-house for interested companies.  We hope you will consider participating as we roll them out.

Recorded Courses

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These demo recordings of recent webinars and courses give viewers an idea of the subject matter by sharing the cover and table of contents of the document used in the program. You’ll see how we set the stage as we begin. You’ll get an idea of how we package the full-length recording, and the music we add, in 4-7 minutes. Some folks say that our numerous complete bibliographic references with URLs of the sources we cite, saves them hours surfing the web to find accurate and reliable information. Check out a demo. We will deliver on the subject matter you see in the table of contents.

Sponsored Webinars & Podcasts

GGI produces and participates in webinars and podcasts across a wide range of subjects related to the Strategy, Conception, Definition, Creation, Development, Positioning, and Commercialization of new Technologies and Products.  Until recently, GGI primarily participated in producing content that was packaged and distributed through our business alliances and third parties.  That is mostly what you will find on our website at this time.  We are open to participating in new alliances as well.  Looking forward, GGI expects to be increasingly engaged in directly producing webinar and podcast offerings and programs - both complimentary and subscription-based.  We hope you will consider engaging with our new media products and services as they become available.

Our Clients

A select sampling of our consulting clients.


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