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18th R&D-Product Development Metrics Summit

This Summit has already been held. Please visit our current Metrics Summit.

Innovation Metrics Summit

Innovation Metrics Summit R&D Product Development Innovation Metrics Seminar Summit

Three Seminars

MPD II Measuring Product Development II
  Abstract: Measuring Product Development II
  Table of Contents: Measuring Product Development II

PPRD Proactive & Predictive R&D Metrics
  Abstract: Proactive and Predictive R&D Metrics
  Table of Contents: Proactive and Predictive R&D Metrics

PDMP Product Development Metrics Portfolio
  Abstract: Product Development Metrics Portfolio
  Table of Contents: Product Development Metrics Portfolio

Seminar Dates

MPD II Tuesday December 9, 2014 9:00AM - 5:45PM    [Reception 6-8PM]
PPRD (AM) + PDMP (PM) Wednesday December 10, 2014 8:30AM - 5:00PM
PDMP Thursday December 11, 2014 8:30AM - 4:00PM

Testimonials By Prior Metrics Summit Attendees

  Additional testimonials may be found here.

"GGI has obviously spent years gathering & analyzing product development data from a variety of industries.  This diversity of metrics & industries is helpful in developing a metrics program for our companies"

-Paul Hardenburger, VP Engineering, Marlen

"Addresses a topic that has been ignored or undervalued for too long. All other aspects of Corporate life, outside of product development, are measured and tracked. The time has come to measure and optimize product development."

-Mark Sherwood, Director, Engineering, Cisco Systems, Inc.

"Overall it was a great learning experience.  We have limited metrics in place today and I now have a good basic understanding to implement a metrics program"

-Don Harter, Director, Back Office Development, Wausau Financial Systems

"Helped me turn my ideas on metrics from fuzzy to specific and actionable. R&D can be a company's biggest discretionary expense. We had better achieve a proactive ability to measure impact and efficiency."

-Donald Munroe, VP, Global Program & Portfolio Mgt., Invitrogen Corp.

"It's obvious that the company, (GGI) has amassed an incredible knowledge base on metrics for corporate R&D. The format of the seminar with interaction with other companies is an excellent vehicle for learning and building a solid metrics starting point. "

-Art Rofano, Senior Manager, Quality Assurance, BEA Systems, Inc.

"The course work proved quite valuable and provided our team with new ideas on how to measure and report product development processes and results in our organization. I would highly reccommend the Summit to anyone who is responsible for innovation and product development processes in their own organization."

-Matt Kramer, Research Director, Ball Horticultural Company

"This method and data with help you drive your business. If you know what is key for your company and can learn to apply what works best you will improve."

-Dennis Morton, VP, Product Development, Global Crossing

"A definitive and immersive exposure to an important and elusive topic, presented by a leader and driver in the industry. You will learn and be able to immediately apply a great deal."

-Lou Perich, VP, Engineering, American Science & Engineering

"This was a dynamic seminar that really opened my mind to many more ways in which metrics can help my department & my company. Also interesting that many concepts of R&D relate across very different industries."

-Hillary McKellar, Program Manager, Cubist Pharmaceuticals

"Stimulating, high quality intelligent exposure to precisely relevant product development measurement/assessment methodologies. Anyone who wants to do more with less in today's economy must attend this seminar!"

-Mark Breland
Director of Software Development
Advanced Solutions International Inc.

"This summit provides the right balance between theory and practical application of the concepts. It's the only session where I left with company-specific tool to use immediately."

-Herm Rosenman, VP Finance & CFO, Gen-Probe

"A comprehensive and structured review of R&D metrics commonly used at the functional, program and corporate levels."

-John Elter, VP Systems Research, Architect,
Plug Power, Inc

"This extraordinary conference provided me with a great deal of pertinent and invaluable information to provide value to my company. The experiences and group interactions was well worth the time and money."

-Mike Dagar, General Manager, Solutions Development,
Sunguard Higher Education

"The working groups were very good as the exposure to adjacent companies approach metrics were discussed, debated and will be carried back to my company."

-Rich Dowell, VP, Research & Development,
Wellman Products Group


"Extremely enlightening, very practical and ahead of the curve. That's where we strive to be!."

-Leyla Capitelli, Associate Director & Functional Coordinator, Johnson & Johnson

"Provided rationale and useful information for many metrics I’ve seen for years. Stimulated my thinking on application to my company. Pleasantly surprised that I was still learning and engaged on day 3."

-Roy Forsberg, Sr. Director, Program & Quality Mgt., Nuance Communications, Inc.

"Fantastic and I look forward to implementing what I learned to improve my company’s success rate. Very different from other product leaders courses, actually measures projects in a tangible way."

-Kevin Luebke, Project Manager, R & D Operations, Abbott Animal Health

"This workshop provided a unique opportunity to explore the often overlooked significance of identifying and applying metrics to development processes and how these metrics directly lead to an increase in product performance at lower cost & greater market share ."

-Brian Hill, VP, Product Development Zebra Imaging Inc.

"Comprehensive and complete summary of available tools (metrics) for R&D and NPD. Statistical and industrial reference data offered."

-Alex Kindt, Director, Engineering, IDEX Corporation

"Excellent overview and appropriate depth of discussion of relevant metrics. GGI provides current and forward thinking insights into application of product development metrics to optimize innovation and R&D spending. The facilitators are extremely qualified and respectful in addressing questions and building a dialogue."

-Beverly Stafford, Director, Global Service Quality, Halliburton

Summit Faculty

Bradford L. Goldense, NPDP, CMfgE, CPIM, CCP [seminar leader]

Bradford L. Goldense is Founder and CEO of Goldense Group, Inc. [GGI], a twenty two-six old Needham Massachusetts consulting and education firm concentrating in advanced business and technology management practices for line management functions. Mr. Goldense has consulted to over 150 of the Fortune 1000 and has worked on productivity improvement and automation projects in over 400 manufacturing locations in North and South America, Europe, and the Middle East. Abbott Laboratories, Bayer, S.C. Johnson, Ford, General Motors, John Deere, Phillips, Carrier, Molex, United Technologies, Bose, and Shure are representative among GGI’s clients. Mr. Goldense is an internationally recognized expert on both rapid product development and R&D metrics. Brad has been an invited guest on Alexander Haig’s World Business Review, and has appeared on PBS The Business & Technology Network, and on CNBC, and has authored or been quoted in over 150 articles in industry trade press. Brad is the Worldwide President of the Society of Concurrent Product Development [SCPD], and on the Worldwide Board of Directors for the American Society of Engineering Management [ASME]. View a more complete biography on GGI Staff page.

John R. (Dick) Power, PMP, CFP [instructor]

John R. (Dick) Power is Director of Executive Education at GGI. Mr. Power has been practicing in the advanced and new product development and production areas for over 30 years. He is highly experienced in project management of large and complex high technology products from Initial phases through production, distribution and sustaining support. As a US Army Signal Corps Officer, retiring as a Colonel in 1992, he was a leader in acquisition of electronic systems. More recently, Dick worked at GTE (before its merger with Bell Atlantic to form Verizon) as Director of Total Quality for the Government Systems Group and later as Corporate-wide program manager for information security. View a more complete biography on GGI Staff page.

Dr. Hans Ludi [instructor]

Hans Ludi is a long time Affiliate of GGI. Dr. Ludi has thirty years of experience in the life sciences and technology industries. During that time he has held a variety of technical and management positions in the areas of research and technology management. More recently, Dr. Ludi has focused on commercializing advanced technology projects in partnership with corporations and venture capitalists. Hans was most recently CEO of Gnothis SA. He has held senior management positions with Ciba-Geigy, Chiron, and Bayer. Dr. Ludi holds a Masters Diploma in Biotechnology and Microbiology from the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland. He holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Bern in Bern, Switzerland. He is a member of the Worldwide Board of the Society of Concurrent Product Development [SCPD] and is the past President of the Boston Chapter of SCPD. He is also a member of the American Chemical Society [ACS] and the American Association for the Advanced of Science [AAAS].View a more complete biography on GGI Staff page.

Summit Location

The seminar will be held at the Four Points Sheraton in Norwood, Massachusetts. The Four Points/Norwood is equidistant between Boston and Providence on major U.S. Route 1. One can fly into either Logan Airport in Massachusetts or T.F. Green Airport in Rhode Island, each about a 45 minute ride. (Less expensive airfares are potentially possible through T.F. Green Airport, as well as less traffic congestion en route.) There are several fine restaurants within walking distance, more within a short hotel shuttle ride. A major attraction of this hotel is its food. The General Manager is a former chef and the head chef is a name in the Northeast. "One Bistro," at the Four Points/Norwood, is a locally renowned restaurant and nighttime hotspot. One of New England's largest brand name discount shopping malls is just a short ride south on Route 1.

A block of rooms have been reserved for this conference. Hotel reservations must be made by November 7, 2014 to ensure availability. GGI's block of rooms will be released back to the hotel after this date. If you choose to stay at the Four Points Sheraton, be sure to mention "GGI's Summit" when you call to register so you will get the room discount. If you book your room at the Four Points Shertaon online, please place a quick call to the hotel to assure your room discount.

The entire conference and hotel facility is 100% covered by Wi-Fi.

Summit Brochure

All 3 seminars are represented in a single brochure for the Metrics Summit. The brochure includes a brief description of each seminar. Discounts are available for teams with 3 or more people registering from the same company.

      Download Metrics Summit Brochure

Summit At-A-Glance

All three seminar agendas are portrayed in a single document for a quick read.

      Download Metrics Summit At-A-Glance


Summit Pricing Guide

Summit Options* Regular Rates
Ends December 5, 2014
Entire Summit
(1-2 People)
Entire Summit
(Teams of 3 or More)
First 2 Seminars Only $1,399

*All prices are per person.

This Summit has already been held. Please visit our current Metrics Summit.

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Note: In the event your plans change after you register, GGI will refund your registration through end-of-business Pacific Time November 7, 2014. Please note that a 10% credit processing fee will be deducted from your refund if you do choose to cancel.