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S9 - "R&D - Product Development Innovation Coursebook"

Goldense Group, Inc., Needham, Massachusetts, USA -- [420 pages]
© Copyright 2006 - 2013

This Coursebook aims to cover the range of topics around the subject of innovation that are of interest to persons responsible for directing and managing innovation at the corporate and business-results levels. This is the material that underlies GGI's 2 Day R&D-Product Development Innovation Summit that was first offered to the public on November 15-16, 2006, in London, England. This is a data-intensive document that is consistent with GGI's industry reputation in the quantitative aspects of product development and innovation.

The first section of the R&D Innovation Summit Coursebook contains industry benchmark information about: product selection, pipeline yield rates from ideation to commercialization, relative innovativeness of tools and techniques used by today's product developers, top management short list of practices that fuels R&D productivity, and an inventory of "all generally available" tools in the marketplace today. The second section contains more in-depth information about four major innovation-enablers: Lead user Analysis, Six Hats, Triz, and Semantic Processing.

The third section contains information areas that are part of an overall innovation environment including measurement, and reward/recognition processes and mechanisms. The Summary highlights the contributions of five prominent books in the field of innovation that are used by corporations. The Conclusion indicates the places in product development processes where the use of innovation tools may have the best impact, along with positioning innovation strategically, and within technical and product management functions.

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