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S7 - "Research and Development: Applying Management Science

Goldense Group, Inc., Needham, Massachusetts, USA -- [142 pages]
© Copyright 2005 - 2011

This Coursebook addresses three key areas of R&D productivity: R&D processes, intellectual property, and measurement and metrics. The evolution of R&D processes from sequential to collaborative is described, with a focus on process design, quality and innovation activities. Data from GGI’s research on R&D productivity as well as case studies provide details. Intellectual property (IP) processes and systems are examined through results of GGI’s 2004 industry research, and the maturity of IP processes is compared to that of product development processes, based on research results. A full framework for R&D measurement is described, with proactive and predictive metrics. The coursebook details the Linked Metrics Portfolio ™ method for assembling a set of R&D metrics that suits different corporate strategies whether the focus is on research, design or a mix of the two.

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