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S11 - "Product Development Best Practices: Innovation

Goldense Group, Inc., Needham, Massachusetts, USA -- [163 pages]
© Copyright 2007 - 2013

Description: This Coursebook aims to cover new product development best practices with a focus on innovation. It was developed for persons responsible for directing and managing innovation at the corporate and business-results levels. The Coursebook includes the material that underlines GGI's 1-Day Product Development Best Practices/Innovation (PDBP) Summit. This is a data-intensive document that is consistent with GGI's industry reputation in the quantitative aspects of product development and innovation.

The Coursebook provides a historical look at the revolutions in business processes from the shortening of delivery and manufacturing times in the 1970s and 1980s through the current product development revolution. 

It also reviews a variety of innovation-related topics including: the costs associated with weak development processes, pipeline management, product steering committees, process management and portfolio management. Furthermore, it discusses hurdle rates, capacity and innovation management, and metrics and measurement.

S11 is a subset of GGI's longer S10 Coursebook. The S10 Coursebook covers best practices in all areas of product development.

Section Title:Perspectives On Management
Costs of Weak Development Processes
Pipeline Management
Product Steering Committees
Process Management
Portfolio Management
Hurdle Rates
Capacity Management
Innovation Management
Metrics & Measurement

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