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S6 - "Measuring Product Development II"

Goldense Group, Inc., Needham, Massachusetts, USA -- [184 pages]
© Copyright 2005 - 2013

This Coursebook accompanies the intensive seminar of the same name. Measuring Product Development II (MPD II) builds on the basics presented in MPD by extending into the aspects of product development that are hardest to measure and/or deliver the most value by measuring. These include the front-end processes for successful product development, such as loading the development pipeline, analyzing trade-offs, measuring break-even time and time-to-profit, and techniques for assessing and managing risk and complexity. The above processes help you make the business decisions to quantify opportunities, whose success can be monitored by planning, proactive, and predictive metrics as detailed in the coursebook. The coursebook also provides a framework and techniques for assembling overall measures of R&D. The coursebook is filled with numerous case studies and industry examples as well as results from GGI’s primary research.

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