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GGI on Alexander Haig's WBR TV Series - On Location - Streaming Video [3.5 min]

Multi-Media Productions (USA), Inc. is pleased to announce that the "Streaming Video" of Goldense Group, Inc.'s [GGI] August 4, 2002 appearance on the World Business Review Television series hosted by Alexander Haig is available for viewing. The 3.5 minute segment, filmed On-Location at GGI in Needham, Massachusetts, is currently available for viewing via video streaming through WBR's website at [optimized for 56K connection speed], or at [optimized for 300K connection speed]. Both links are also available for viewing through GGI's website at

Bradford L. Goldense, President of Goldense Group Inc., discusses Performance Measurement and Concurrent Product Development. The episode addresses sweeping changes taking place around the globe relating to the approach and process of performing product development and engineering activities. Since the 1920s, the era of Taylorism and the assembly line, sequential or rapid sequential processes have prevailed in RD&E and product development. The underlying assumptions, upon which the credibility of this sequential methodology are based, seldom hold true in the fast-paced world of today. A more concurrent, parallel, and/or collaborative environment is needed to maximize the innovative and financial potential of companies. Numerous industrial and high-tech companies are still using decades-old sequential methods causing them to undershoot their true market potential.

The segment focuses on how GGI achieves positive change in product development practices and results by addressing the different communication and learning styles resident in technical communities and the groups that work with them and support them to create a concurrent collaborative product development environment.

Selected best practices, such as Voice-Of-The-Customer [VOC] and Design for Manufacturability and Assembly [DFMA], are discussed during the episode.

According to GGI: "Most clients get an increase of 20% revenue and profit from new products within one product development cycle, some have gotten 400% and 500% and increased stock prices."

John Caezza, President of the Broadband Communications Products Division of, appears on the show with Brad Goldense., one of the three leading suppliers of broadband communication equipment in North America and other geographies, is at the forefront of instituting a redesigned concurrent culture to better address the highly competitive environment of the telecommunications industry and the interests of company stockholders.

World Business Review may also be viewed on PBS The Business & Technology Network, United Airlines, or through the video on demand via Yahoo! Broadcast. Additionally, WBR airs on local affiliates of major television networks (ABC, CBS and FOX) throughout the United States.

WBR's continuing education series is being used in a variety of business and technology courses within the Business School libraries at Carnegie Mellon University, University of Notre Dame, Dartmouth College, Georgetown University, University of Florida, and the City University of Hong Kong, among other distinguished institutions of higher education.

Videotapes or continuing education systems (via Indiana State University) are available by calling 1-800-WBR-1032 or by visiting

For inquiries please call GGI at (781) 444-5400.