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GGI on Alexander Haig's WBR TV Series - On Location - Streaming Video [7.5 min]

Brad Goldense has made several appearances on Alexander Haig's World Business Review. Streaming video is now available for the show that aired on December 15, 2002. The two previous shows (from August 4 and September 29, 2002) are also available on streaming video. See below for details.

December 15 In-Studio with Alexander Haig (7.5 minutes) on CNBC paid programming: This In-Studio interview aired nationwide on Sunday, December 15. Streaming video for this segment is now available.

To view the GGI segment of the show lasting 7.5 minutes via WBR's website, please visit:

Stream Format: Windows Media 7.1 | 56.6K | Video

Stream Format: Windows Media 7.1 | 300K | Video

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For a complete background on GGI's appearances on television, in addition to WBR, please go to: