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Top 100 Industry R&D Metrics Featured at 16th R&D-Product Development Metrics Summit

NEEDHAM, Mass. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — October 17, 2013 — A major study of the usage of 100 R&D and Product Development Metrics across 200 North American corporations will be made semi-public for the first time at the 16th R&D-Product Development Metrics Summit.

The Summit is focused at the CXO, VP, and Director level; for professionals that manage large groups of people and significant R&D or program budgets.  Initially the focus is on a dozen ever-present hard-to-quantify subjects such as staffing ratios, capacity loading, and setting hurdle rates.  Then time is spent cogitating metrics that could be proactive or predictive of outcomes. The Summit concludes with an extensive peer networking workshop to construct portfolios of metrics suitable to manage all activities emanating from R&D spending - in alignment with a stated purposeful corporate R&D strategy.

The Summit covers essentially all corporate R&D and product development metrics used today.  This is GGI's sixth study of R&D metrics; the first in 1998 and the last in 2008 before the economic downturn.  The 2013 findings illustrate a visible shift in corporate posturing over the five-year period, 2008 to 2013.  There are corporate portfolio strategy changes, both toward and away from innovation.  Rising categories of metrics include advanced development, functional and technical competencies, intellectual property, innovativeness, and productivity.  Profit metrics have been rising steadily since 1998 and are nearing equality with revenue metrics.

All GGI research is statistically valid. Participants are all well recognized global companies actively developing products in North America. The ratio of participant companies from the United States, Canada, and Mexico is in alignment with the relative R&D spending by the countries.

The 16th R&D-Product Development Metrics Summit, November 12-14, 2013, consists of three seminars and a workshop, and has the latest information available.  Participants always exit the Summit with a dashboard of metrics suitable for managing corporate R&D strategy, performance, and productivity; along with projects, technical and functional disciplines, advanced development, and related intellectual property.  For this Summit, participants exit with the knowledge of industry's usage of metrics today compared to five years ago.    Notable Companies and Senior Executives have participated in GGI Summits. The Summit will be led by Bradford L. Goldense NPDP, CMfgE, CPIM, CCP.  GGI was founded in 1986.

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