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Innovation Strategy Focus Of 9th R&D-Product Development Innovation Summit � June 21-23, 2011

NEEDHAM, Mass. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — February 14, 2011 — The Summit is a synthesis for top managers of businesses and corporations of the current Body Of Knowledge on Innovation that can be applied practically in the work place.  Through primary and secondary research of industry innovation approaches, and corporate spending patterns and technology trends, senior managers also achieve a better understanding of what may happen in the years ahead.  The Summit goal is to enhance the ability of CXO and top executives to boost Tangible Innovation!™ in medium and large companies in the Product Management, R&D, and Product Development functions responsible for Innovation.

One size does not fit all.  Executives will internalize approaches for a range of innovation cultures.  Only 5% of companies are pure innovators, those whose culture enables risk-taking that could damage or disable the company.  Another 17% are Extenders, they fast follow the big guys that constantly turn out innovations.  The interesting group is the 78% of industry that has undergone transformation since the advent of the first platform design concept in the early 1980s.  This 78% used to be Balanced, there would always be a portfolio of products that would yield some degree of current and future revenues.  A distinct Platform-Derivative or Innovator-Extender™ group at 41% has now emerged to seemingly exceed the Balanced philosophy at 36%.  Another 1% categorize themselves as Other Innovators. 

The Summit has eight modules that are delivered through five instructors.  Our goal is to teach the "Innovation Body Of Knowledge" as it exists today, without putting a spin on the information.  A number of participants have stated, "GGI's Innovation Summit is an Executive MBA on the subject of Innovation."

1. Best Practice Innovation Processes
2. Corporate-Level & Tactical-Level Innovation Drivers
3. Innovation Enablers & Tools: 5 Groups & 50 Items
4. Three Key Innovation Tools & Techniques
5. Semantic Technologies & Knowledge-Enabled Innovation
6. IP Valuation, Management, & Communication For Wall Street
7. Open & Outsourced Innovation Frameworks
8. Innovation Metrics & Rewards

Twenty-five years of ongoing research and consulting have been codified into a six-hundred page Coursebook that most prior participants still keep close at hand — continuously updated for each Summit to reflect current practices and patterns.  Our conference facility is equidistant between Boston  and Providence airports.

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