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Goldense Group, Inc. Announces 11th R&D-Product Development Metrics Summit – May 4-6, 2010

NEEDHAM, Mass. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — February 4, 2010 — Goldense Group, Inc. [GGI] will hold their 11th R&D-Product Development Metrics Summit in Metro Boston on May 4-6, 2010.

The application of metrics and measures in effective and productive ways by officers, managers and top professionals is the focus of the 11th R&D-Product Development Metrics Summit.  The goal of the Summit is to communicate the state-of-practice of measurement in R&D and Product Development; and then to construct a best practice portfolio of metrics for measuring innovation organizations as a whole.  The global focus on innovation is resulting in new and changing measures that quantify overall results while placing increased emphasis on Intellectual Property, Technology/Advanced Development, Alliances, and Open Innovation.

This Summit is a series of 3 seminars focused on areas of top-level importance to R&D executives. Download a Brochure or a Summit-At-A-Glance, or view a Testimonial.

Measuring Product Development II [MPDII – May 4] is focused on the issues that top management has to deal with that are somewhat intangible. The topics span the setting hurdle rates, assessing risk and complexity, tradeoff analysis, measuring capacity, decision-making, and assessing overall financial and technical performance.

Proactive and Predictive R&D Metrics [PPRD – May 5 AM] is focused on three different stages of developing early metrics that enable managers to plan for and to then foresee the horizon in front of them.  GGI was the first company to differentiate proactive and predictive metrics in the early 1990s.

Product Development Metrics Portfolios [PDMP – May 5 PM and May 6] is more accurately an interactive Workshop.  Participants work in groups to develop "a set of measures suitable for measuring the entire organization and the activities within it." The dashboard each group will create will contain a comprehensive set of measures for the R&D organization(s) as a whole based on the Linked Metrics Portfolio® framework.  The portfolio will be inclusive of projects, functional and technical disciplines, improvement efforts, and officer-level responsibilities; and will span 3-5 organization levels.

This Summit will be led by Bradford L. Goldense NPDP, CMfgE, CPIM, CCP, President of GGI.  Brad is a recognized Subject Matter Expert.  GGI is a recognized thought leading company for the past two decades.

The Summit Conference Facility is equidistant from either Boston or Providence airport. 

Goldense Group, Inc. [GGI]
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