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Unique Fact-Driven R&D-Product Development Innovation Summit - December 9-11, 2008

NEEDHAM, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--October 16, 2008-- Needham, MA-based Goldense Group, Inc. [GGI] announces they will be conducting their 6th R&D-Product Development Innovation Summit in the Metro Boston area on December 9-11, 2008. GGI is a twenty-two year old internationally recognized company.

GGI's Innovation Summit is an intensive fact and data driven three-day seminar and workshop covering a number of the "Current Best Industry Practices across the Innovation Body Of Knowledge" and a number of the trends in "Emerging Tools, Techniques, and Innovation-Enabling Software." GGI does not espouse any specific methods or processes, we are an independent firm and market researcher.

The goal of the Summit is to put participants in a position of confidence to better direct and enable tangible activities aimed at improving the day-to-day creativity and innovation of their employees.

The content of our 6th Innovation Summit is categorized into eight modules.

1. Best Practice Innovation Processes
2. Corporate-Level & Tactical-Level Innovation Drivers
3. Innovation Enablers & Tools: 5 Groups & 50 Items
4. Three Key Innovation Tools & Techniques
5. Semantic Technologies & Knowledge-Enabled Innovation
6. IP Valuation, Management, & Communication For Wall Street
7. Open & Outsourced Innovation Frameworks
8. Innovation Metrics & Rewards

The Summit HOME PAGE and TESTIMONIALS from prior Summits may be found at:

The Summit ATaGLANCE describing the duration and flow of topics may be found at:

The Summit BROCHURE describing all speakers and many of the details of the event may be found at:

Representative COMPANIES that have participated in prior GGI Summits may be found at:

Reserve your place today! There are significant discounts for teams of three or more people. Pricing and REGISTRATION may be found at:

This Summit will be led by Bradford L. Goldense NPDP, CMfgE, CPIM, CCP, President of GGI. Brad is a recognized expert in product development and metrics. John R. [Dick] Power and John M. Cronin, experts respectively in project management and intellectual property, also have leadership roles. Several guest speakers, subject matter experts, will also be involved.

The Summit hotel is equidistant from either Logan or Providence airport, is completely wi-fi with all amenities, and a features a five star chef. We hope you will consider joining us!