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Thoughts From Summit Alumni: Metrics Summit 04

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"This method and data with help you drive your business. If you know what is key for your company and can learn to apply what works best you will improve."

-Dennis Morton, VP, Product Development, Global Crossing

"Good baseline of metric ideas that can be applied to many situations."

-Rich Fiedler, VP, Engineering, Hutcinson Technology Inc

"Will set the foundation and next steps to move your organization to the next level."

-Felipe Castro, Manager, Engineering, Schneider Electric

"Good workshop for grounding and validation - good brainstorming."

-Michael Fieramosca, VP, Product Development, Mercury Computer Systems

"Good presentation of concepts and details regarding metrics."

-Charlie Klinger, Manufacturing Engineer, Optimax Systems Inc.

"Great, going back to implement the concepts."

-Chet Lucido, SVP, Business Manager, Elementary Group, Pearson School Companies

"Very Beneficial. Provided context and strategies for understanding the value of metrics to track and drive performance."

-Katharine Robson, Director, Production, Pearson School Companies

"Condensed presentation of management science history, practice, and real value added application to development process that we can use immediately."

-Brian Trexel, VP, Engineering, RF Magic

"Extremely knowledgeable leader."

-David Nelson, Director, R&D, Tennant Corporation

"The insights provided by GGI are backed by research and industry best practices that will help focus on what's really important to drive successful innovation and product development."

-Robert Frost, Manager, Project Management Office, Zimmer