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Thoughts From Summit Alumni: Metrics Summit 03

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"Stimulating, high quality intelligent exposure to precisely relevant product development measurement/assessment methodologies. Anyone who wants to do more with less in today's economy must attend this seminar!"

-Mark Breland
Director of Software Development
Advanced Solutions International Inc.

"Excellent exposure to the various metrics that are currently being used. Gives you a running start in creating a metrics process."

-Gabriel Rojas, Program Manager, Argon ST

"Drinking water from a fire hose - a lot of information in a short period of time."

-Thomas Phair, Corporate Controller, ArQule, Inc.

"Great research and presentation. Brad is extremely knowledgeable. Group interaction and learning strong. Fast paced and interesting."

-Richard Jones, VP, R&D, Chatsworth Products Inc.

"This summit provides the right balance between theory and practical application of the concepts. It's the only session where I left with company-specific tool to use immediately."

-Herm Rosenman, VP Finance & CFO, Gen-Probe

"Confirmed what I knew while opening new doors. Thorough - lots of valid current data."

-Michele Dovel, Senior Manager, Engineering Process, General Dynamics AIS

"The seminar essentially confirmed my long - standing gut feelings about the process and selection of projects."

-Jim Hunter, VP Design Engineering,
Klipsch Group Inc.

"It is an eye opening experience to see such an insightful discussion on R&D metrics."

-Lin Guo, Executive Director, Engineering
Maxtor Corp

"Excellent learning opportunity with a diverse group of professionals led by an extremely knowledgeable instructor."

-Lana R. Kington, Director, Global R&D Operations Mgt., Mead Johnson Nutritionals

"A comprehensive and structured review of R&D metrics commonly used at the functional, program and corporate levels."

-John Elter, VP Systems Research, Architect,
Plug Power, Inc

"Good introduction to Metrics and how to apply them to any area."

-Lisa Napolitano, Project Coordinator
Reckitt Benckiser

"The workshop stimulated fruitful discussions that allowed me to understand how product development metrics can be applied to a non-profit driven industry."

-Muhammad EL, Manager,
Sandia National Laboratories

"Provides stimulation for discussion on eventual implementation used to improve effiency."

-Luis A. Paz, Manager,
Sandia National Laboratories

"This was the best source of information we have found regarding meaningful metrics in an R&D environment."

-Cliff Renschler,
Sandia National Laboratories


-R. Kent Crawford, Vice President, Engineering,
Schneider Electric: Square D

"I would recommend this course to any engineering R&D leader looking to take jurisdiction of their measurable by implementing meaningful metrics that give inward and outward visibility and alignment with company wide objectives."

-Shane Doehrmann, Director, R& D,
Wellman Products Group

"The working groups were very good as the exposure to adjacent companies approach metrics were discussed debated and will be carried back to my company."

-Rich Dowell, VP, Research & Development,
Wellman Products Group

"This extraordinary conference provided me with a great deal of pertinent and invaluable information to provide value to my company. The experiences and group interactions was well worth the time and money."

-Mike Dagar, General Manager, Solutions Development,
Sunguard Higher Education