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Thoughts From Summit Alumni: Metrics Summit 02

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"A definitive and immersive exposure to an important and elusive topic, presented by a leader and driver in the industry. You will learn and be able to immediately apply a great deal."

-Lou Perich, VP, Engineering, American Science & Engineering

"Addresses a topic that has been ignored or undervalued for too long. All other aspects of Corporate life, outside of product development, are measured and tracked. The time has come to measure and optimize product development."

-Mark Sherwood, Director, Engineering, Cisco Systems, Inc.

"Seminar would significantly improve knowledge to implement metrics and measure to eliminate wasted effort, product failures and improve productivity and efficiency and change behavior."

-Shabbir Hussain, VP, R&D, Everest Software, Inc.

"A great exposure to the principles, a conceptual framework and the state of practice of Product Development Metrics! Very few seminars make me think this hard!"

-Larry Rosenberger, VP, R&D, Fair Isaac Corporation

"This seminar opened my mind to the formulation of relevant data to create product and institutional performance improvements."

-Chris Scheuing, Engineer, Senior Program Manager, InterDigital Communications Corp.

"Helped me turn my ideas on metrics from fuzzy to specific and actionable. R & D can be a company's biggest discretionary expense. We had better achieve a proactive ability to measure impact and efficiency."

-Donald Munroe, VP, Global Program & Portfolio Mgt., Invitrogen Corp.

"This workshop gives a good overview of a broad range of metrics - acts as a basis for a successful implementation of control instruments to improve development processes."

-Dietmar Tandler, VP, Development, JDSU - Acterna Germany GmbH

"Good mix of process discussion and metrics."

-Robert Segers, Director of Engineering, JDSU - JDS Uniphase Acterna Unit

"Excellent data on R & D."

-Jeff Tucker, Director, Project Mgt. Office - CATV, JDSU - JDS Uniphase Acterna Unit

"Great opportunity for small companies to work with experts in the field from medium and large companies."

-Robert Smith, General Manager, LaserCard Corporation

"The course was great for helping validate the metrics my department has chosen so far. It has also given me ideas for additional metrics to incorporate, particularly proactive and predictive. It has also been a wonderful forum for networking with other R & D leaders."

-Amy Parker, Project Management, Misys Healthcare System

"This has been one of the most useful seminars that I have attended in many years. I truly believe that I am walking away with a tool set that will be beneficial to me, my development organization and the Corporation."

-Paul Flagg, Senior Director, Hardware Engineering
NMS Communications

"The workshop successfully presented materials and provided the opportunity to customize a set of metrics which will bring immediate value to my organization."

-Ron Von Wald, Director, Business Development & Technology, Omni -Tract Surgical

"A great way to get a huge list of already in-use metrics that real companies are using today."

-Rich Menendez, Director, Engineering & Program Mgt., Panasas

"My brain is full. Thanks!"

-Cory Thompson, Manager, Software Development, Plato Learning

"This course enabled me to quickly assemble an initial set of metrics that can be deployed within my Company to better measure the effectiveness of R & D."

-Stanley Moyer, Executive Director, Telcordia Technologies