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Thoughts From Summit Alumni: Metrics Summit 01

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"The material presented by the instructor opens up the big picture for any R&D org. I constantly visualized how I could bring this data into my org and the benefits we could derive from it. Great real time examples to bring back."

-Steve Josué, Manager, Product Engineering, Digital Insight

"The instructor's wealth of actual industry benchmarked metrics helped illustrate the value of implementing them."

-Phil Walker, Vice President, Engineering, EF Johnson
"The workshop really pulled everything together."

-Patrick Freeman, Manager, Quality Engineering, Respironics
"This was a dynamic seminar that really opened my mind to many more ways in which metrics can help my department & my company. Also interesting that many concepts of R&D relate across very different industries."

-Hillary McKellar, Program Manager, Cubist Pharmaceuticals
"Could tell that the instructor had practical as well as academic solid knowledge of the subject - this made the class credible - enjoyed it very much + learned a ton - also saw practical application back at the ranch."

-Christine Harris, Controller, Operations, Digene
"Pragmatic tools for R&D managers."

-Dr. George Kontopidis, Senior Vice President, Product & Technology Strategy, NMS Communications
"Bundled R&D - Knowledge of over 20 years."

-Jakob Kleissl, Financial Controller, Innovation & Platform, Draeger Medical