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Internet Security: Books

Amoroso, Edward G. Intrusion Detection: An Introduction to Internet Surveillance, Correlation, Traps, Trace Back, and Response
Chapman, Brent, and Zwicky, Elizabeth D. Firewalls and Internet Security
Cheswick, Bill, and Bellovin, Steve. Building Internet Firewalls
Cisco Systems. Cisco IOS Network Security
Denning, Dorothy E. Internet Besieged: Countering Cyberspace Scofflaws
Escamilla, Terry. Intrusion Detection: Network Security Beyond the Firewall
Flowers, John S. Linux Security
Garfinkel, Simson. PGP: Pretty Good Privacy
Garfinkel, Simson and Spafford, Gene. Practical UNIX and Internet Security, 2nd Edition
Garfinkel, Simson and Spafford, Gene. Web Security & Commerce
Hughes, Larry J. Jr. Actually Useful Internet Security Techniques
Kabay, Michael E. The NCSA Guide to Enterprise Security: Protecting Information Assets
Kaeo, Mike. Designing Network Security
McGraw, Gary, and Felten, Edward W. Java Security: Hostile Applets, Holes, & Antidotes
Moncur, Michael, Perkins, Charles, and Strebe, Matthew. NT 4 Security
Pipkin, Donald L. Halting the Hacker: A Practical Guide To Computer Security
Rubin, Avi, Geer, Dan, and Ranum, Marcus. Web Security Sourcebook
Schneier, Bruce. Applied Cryptography: Protocols, Algorithms and Source Code in C
Schultz, Gene, et al. Internet Security for Business
Scott, Charlie, Wolfe, Paul, et al. Virtual Private Networks, 2nd Edition