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Databases: Procurement

Chemfinet The first company dedicated to the on-line procurement of custom fine chemicals. Through our B2B e-commerce exchange, we blend Internet technology, innovative application software, and customer service to link qualified manufacturers with chemists searching for specialty chemicals not otherwise commercially available over a highly secure, 'members-only' network.

Sigma-Alrich Their eCommerce system offers simple, on-line access to more than 200,000 products and provides robust search capabilities with access to thousands of product data sheets, two million CoA's and 90,000 MSDS's. Find out why Sigma Aldrich won 'Ecommerce Innovator of the Year' award at

Linc Quantum Configure and order instruments for rent, lease or sale online! Go to www.lqa to configure your new or refurbished system. You can generate a quote and place an order in the online Product Store. Detailed, technical product information, including downloadable .pdf files of brochures, specifications, site preparation guides and application notes is available on the site.

Chemdex Offers a faster, easier way to order lab supplies by expanding online marketplace of 1.3 million products at your fingertips, easy-to-use search engine, one simple, electronic order form that can be used for multiple suppliers and a personal "favorites" feature for fast and easy re-ordering. With, it's fast and inexpensive for researchers to buy compounds for SAR studies around a lead compound. Using the i-research system, researchers can buy individual, drug-like compounds for screening and follow-up for a fraction of the cost of in-house synthesis.

ChemSource From the Midwest Research Institute links qualified chemical manufacturers with chemists and researchers, facilitating exchange.

Agilent Technologies Check product availability and order online from your pc.