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GGI RapidNews R&D Product Development eZine: Volume 6, Issue 9- September 7, 2005
GGI RapidNews is published approximately once a month.

In This Issue

GGI NEWS & NOTES - Editorial Staff Update

UPCOMING PUBLIC SEMINAR - Product Development Metrics Summit

UPCOMING PUBLIC SEMINAR - Product Development Innovation Summit


2004 METRICS SURVEY RESULTS - 2004 Survey Results Available

BOOK REVIEW - Top Down: Why Hierarchies Are Here To Stay

FEATURED iSTORE PRODUCTS - Structured Innovation

NEW WEB CONTENT - August Was A Vacation Month For GTK :)

CONFERENCES OF INTEREST - MRT 10th Metrics, Frost & Sullivan NPD Executive Summit


TELEVISION EVENTS - Alexander Haig's World Business Review



1. Anne Schwartz, Editor of GGI's RapidNews publication since August 2002, has taken a leave of absence to spend more time with her family. Although the future is unclear, Anne remains in good standing at GGI and we wish her well in the months ahead. The "Management Productivity" and "Book Review" sections of this issue of GGI RapidNews were penned by Anne, along with some pieces that will be released in the next issue.

2. For the next few months, GGI RapidNews will be written collaboratively by the folks at GGI. Issues will be authored and sent to you by "The Editors At GGI." The basic structure, format, and content of each issue will remain unchanged.


The Early Bird Pricing Period that closed on August 1 for the Product Development Metrics Summit was a great success. As a result of those folks that committed early there are only a couple of spaces remaining across this unique series of workshops to be held September 27-30, 2005 in Norwood, MA. Join us for three comprehensive and powerful metrics seminars - MPDII, PPRD, and PDMP - all presented in the same week. On Tuesday, zero in on several specific key metrics subjects of management interest. On Wednesday, improve your dashboard with metrics that predict outcomes. Finish the week by creating a set of metrics for R&D in your company. This set of seminars launches you on the way to improve your performance through metrics.

The seminars offered are

  • Measuring Product Development II (MPDII) - September 27 - This one-day seminar gives you powerful techniques to measure your product development process. These advanced techniques and processes cover those areas of product development that are hardest to measure but deliver the most value by measuring them, such as loading the product development pipeline, hurdle rates, tradeoff analysis, and risk and complexity analysis. Click to view the abstract for MPDII, or download the table of contents.
  • Proactive and Predictive R&D Metrics (PPRD) - September 28 - In this one-day seminar you will understand and create meaningful, forward-looking metrics for R&D. The seminar helps you move from reactive measures of past activity to planning, proactive, or predictive measures that improve the predictability of R&D activities and projects that lead to bottom-line results. Four metrics topic areas are covered: planning, proactive, predictive, and reactive metrics. Click to view the abstract for PPRD, or download the table of contents.
  • Product Development Metrics Portfolios (PDMP) - September 29 & 30 - In this one and a half-day seminar you will learn and use the Linked Metrics Portfolio (TM) Method, a powerful, step-by-step methodology to a create linked metrics portfolio. A linked metrics portfolio is a key tool for managing the R&D organization overall as well as the projects, functions and improvement initiatives within R&D. Click to view the abstract for PDMP, or download the table of contents.

All seminars feature case studies and examples from a range of industries and the practical tools you need to implement metrics in your organization.

Take all three seminars at a discount, or take one or two seminars according to your needs. Discounts are available for teams of three or more people attending from the same company.

If you are planning on attending, register for the Metrics Summit, please act now as we are almost full!

For more details on the Product Development Metrics Summit, go to GGI's web site.

To download a brochure containing more details, schedule and pricing, click on download brochure.


This is a preliminary announcement to the readers of GGI RapidNews to let you know that GGI will sponsor its first ever Product Development Innovation Summit on December 6-8, 2005 in Norwood, MA. Please join us for eight comprehensive modules that surround the subject of Innovation in R&D and Product Development.

The Innovation Modules that will be offered are:

All modules feature some level of case study discussion and examples from a range of industries. There will be at least three significant group exercises where attendees will "try out" well regarded innovation methodologies. As with all GGI Summits, we will pave the road for you to implement practical tools in your organization.

Discounts are available for teams of two or more people attending from the same company.

If RN readers are planning on attending, please register now for the Innovation Summit. The Early Bird Registration Period concludes October 10, 2005.

For more details on the Product Development Innovation Summit, please go to GGI's preliminary web site. We anticipate the detailed design of this web site to be complete by mid-September.


Innovation Scorecard

"R&D Scorecard: 2004", Technology Review, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Volume 107, Number 10, December 2004, pages 60-71.

Technology Review published its 2004 R&D innovation Scorecard in the December 2004 issue. The "Innovation Index" takes into account not only the size of a company's R&D budget, but also its increase in spending and R&D spending as a percent of sales , which is R&D's most commonly used metric according to all 4 of GGI's Product Development Metrics Surveys. The second-largest R&D spender, Pfizer, topped the innovation list with an innovation index of 178, R&D spending in 2003 of $7.13 million, an increase of 38% over 2002, and R&D spending measured at 16% of sales. Number two on the list was Amgen, with R&D spending in 2003 of $1.65 million, a 48% change from 2002, and R&D spending at 20% of sales. Third on the list was Nokia, with R&D spending in 2003 of $4.51 million, a 23% change from 2002, and R&D spending at 13% of sales. The remaining companies listed on the Innovation Scorecard were, in order, Johnson and Johnson, BMC Software, Volkswagen, Sony, Merck (U.S.), Serono, Astrazeneca, Microsoft, Roche, Novartis, Intel, and Nissan Motor.


2004 Product Development Metrics Survey - Product Selection, IP Management, and Top Corporate Metrics: The Summary and Highlights Reports for GGI's 2004 Biennial Product Development Metrics Survey are now available for purchase by the public through GGI's Wisdom iStore. These reports are completely based on primary research performed by GGI researchers. The research includes 202 respondent companies. There was a 5% response rate.

McKinsey & Company, Texas Instruments, Rockwell, Kimberly Clark, JDS Uniphase, Shure, Curtiss Wright Flight Systems and Datacard are representative of companies that purchase market research from GGI.

The 2004 Survey focused on the following 5 areas of product selection and IP management:

  • Product Selection Process
  • Product Selection Tools
  • IP Management Process
  • IP Management Tools
  • Top Corporate Metrics Used in Industry RD&E

We have already shared many results with GGI RapidNews readers since we began this line of business in 1998. 2004 Survey results ran in six RN issues, RN V5I11 - RN V6I5, which may be found in the RN archives, along with results from prior years.

Some additional complimentary information about the survey is available:

The 2 commercial versions of the survey results that we currently offer for public purchase are:

1. 2004 SURVEY HIGHLIGHTS: A text-only report (75 pages), including the full text of all the results and analysis of the survey population analyzed as a whole, and

2. 2004 SURVEY SUMMARY: A report of composite results, where the survey respondents are analyzed as a whole (149 pages, includes a full set of graphed answers for every survey question).

Individual sections of the research reports, as well as logical combinations of sections are also available. All reports are available in printed or electronic versions.

These reports are available in the Market Research section of GGI's Wisdom iStore.


Top Down: Why Hierarchies Are Here to Stay and How to Manage Them More Effectively, by Harold J. Leavitt. Harvard Business School Press. 2004, 1st edition. 189 pages.

Despite our dislike of hierarchies, they are still the best way to get things done effectively, asserts Harold Leavitt, organizational behavior expert and professor emeritus at Stanford Graduate School of Business, in his latest book, Top Down. Many have predicted the demise of hierarchies over the past dozen or so years, but they are still here, have been here for many years, and are here to stay. They have evolved, especially since World War II through the following movements:

1. Participatory management - arose in the 1950s to promote management by objective and small collaborative groups

2. Analytic management - arose in the late 1970s in response to Japan's booming manufacturing productivity; by-the-numbers approach to management

3. Hot groups - arose in the 1980s as small groups within larger companies focused only on solving interesting problems; they became the founders of the first high-tech start-ups

No one managerial style can guarantee success, and many companies try to blend the three, with mixed results. It is often the burden of the middle manager to work out the conflicting pressures of these different approaches, and the author offers some coping tools. For success in today's modern hierarchical organizations, managers/leaders need to focus on three core activities:

1. Implementing - getting things done and motivating others

2. Problem solving - logic, thinking, and systematic planning to find optimal solutions to complicated problems, while involving others in the decision-making process

3. Pathfinding - vision, values, imagination, and determination to choose a direction in which to lead

You can find more information about this book or purchase it through Amazon.


Discounted Item: Each month, or every other month, GGI's iStore features one item that we discount 40%. The current Featured Item is "Structured Innovation: Positioning Innovation Tools & Exercises in Product Development Processes Frameworks" (T52), a 105-page MS Powerpoint presentation.

This presentation describes the range of existing innovation tools and techniques and places them within the context of the product development process. Section one covers the evolution of the product development process, from the early days of throwing over the wall to manufacturing through more definition of the fuzzy front end and commercialization at the back end, to the prediction of a separate process for advanced development. It is very helpful to understand this process evolution and the management science driving it. Section two provides you with an extensive list of the available tools and techniques for innovation. As a result of time compression pressure in the 1990's approximately 75 innovation techniques were invented. Four techniques are described in detail:

  • Lateral & Parallel Thinking
  • TRIZ
  • Lead User Identification
  • Math-Based DSS Software

Find out when in the product development process is the best time to use which innovation techniques.

The price for this technical paper, "Structured Innovation: Positioning Innovation Tools & Exercises in Product Development Processes Frameworks," has been dropped from $295.00 to $177.00, a deep discount of 40%. GGI's Featured Item changes approximately every other month and is always offered at a 40% discount.

For more information, or to order this material, please go to GGI's Featured Item.

Newly Released Item: While not a featured item, we want to make you aware of a newly released technical paper, "Realizing Innovative Designs: The Enabling Processes & Tools " (T53).

This paper describes current practices in selecting and managing product and intellectual property, as well as key tools used to generate innovation. Find out which "power tools" can help generate innovation and valuable intellectual property in your company. Best practices in industry for selecting products can make your R&D process more effective and get the best products out the door. Discover the opportunities to capitalize on your IP and gain insights on how to manage it. The paper contains a significant amount of detailed results from GGI's most recent primary research, the 2004 Product Development Metrics Survey.

For more information, or to order this new technical paper, please go to GGI's Wisdom iStore.


GTK-Gateways To Knowledge is a DIRECTORY OF THOUSANDS OF LINKS to providers of engineering, purchasing, and manufacturing technologies and services. If you hit the right subjects, it is more useful than a search engine! The main entrance to GTK can be found at:

In the month of August 2005, leading up to this issue of GGI RapidNews, GGI took a vacation from adding to GTK. :)


MRT 10th Annual Metrics Conference: Management Roundtable will hold its 10th annual conference, "Product Development Metrics: Achieving the Full Value of R&D," on November 7-9, 2005 in Chicago, IL. The conference will examine strategies, best practices, methods and tools leading companies are using to increase overall R&D performance. This year's program features an exceptional line-up of metrics gurus, thought leaders, advanced practitioners and folks in the trenches bridging theory with reality and making it work. This year's conference keynote speakers are GGI's Brad Goldense, Dr. Robert Cooper (author of "Winning at New Products"), Don Reinertsen (author of "Managing the Design Factory, Developing New Products in Half the Time"), Watts Humphrey (founder of Software Process Program at Carnegie Mellon University's Software Engineering Institute), and Robert Schur (Senior Vice President of STATS Inc.).

Brad Goldense will deliver the keynote address, "The Future of Product Development Metrics: Corporation, Projects, & Functions," to explore past, present and emerging trends in the evolution of product development metrics. Brad will also conduct a full-day, pre-conference workshop on Monday, November 7, 2005 on "Product Development Metrics Portfolios."

For more information or to register, go to MRT's web site.

Frost & Sullivan Executive Summit: Frost & Sullivan will hold its Executive Summit, "Innovations in New Product Development, Management & Marketing 2005," on November 6-10, 2005 in Miami, Florida. The summit will present new ideas and creative strategies for portfolio and product planning, management, and marketing vital to propelling product profitability and market performance.

Brad Goldense will deliver the keynote address, "Innovation Management: From Ideation to Commercialization," on Thursday, November 10, 2005. Thursday's program features a special focus on emerging technologies.

For more information, or to register for the Executive Summit, go to Frost & Sullivan's web site.


GGI's Calendar of Industry Events contains an up-to-date listing of links to Conferences, Seminars, Distance Learning Centers, Webinars, Colleges & Universities, Executive Education, and Corporate-Sponsored Universities. The calendar has just been updated with more conferences and seminars throughout 2005. The categories we follow are:

The categories of conferences, seminars, and distance learning are further organized into the following subject areas:

  • Strategic, Knowledge & General Management
  • Marketing & Sales - Mechanical, Electro-Mechanical, Electrical, & Electronic
  • Marketing & Sales - Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, & Life Sciences
  • Product Development - Mechanical, Electro-Mechanical, Electrical, & Electronic
  • Product Development - Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, & Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing & Automation - Mechanical, Electro-Mechanical, Electrical, & Electronic
  • Manufacturing & Automation - Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, & Life Sciences
  • Software, Internet & IT
  • Project Management
  • Metrics

If you are looking for a conference or other learning opportunity, check out the Calendar. This free service for our readers is front and center on GGI's Home Page. Or, go directly to the Calendar of Industry Events MEGA Gateway.


Alexander Haig's World Business Review: Brad Goldense has made several appearances on Alexander Haig's World Business Review in the past year. Streaming video is available for all shows, which aired on August 4, September 29 and December 15, 2002 and on May 20, 2003. See below for details.

May 20, 2003 Broadcast of September 29th In-Studio with Alexander Haig (22.5 minutes): Streaming video for this segment is available on GGI's web site.

December 15, 2002 In-Studio with Alexander Haig (7.5 minutes) on CNBC paid programming: Streaming video for this segment is available on GGI's web site.

September 29, 2002 In-Studio with Alexander Haig (22.5 minutes): Streaming video for this segment (as well as the entire 30-minute show) is available on GGI's web site.

August 4, 2002 On-Location at GGI (3.5 minutes): This On-Location field report is available in streaming video on GGI's web site.

The web page includes links to download a streaming video player, if you do not currently have one installed on your computer.

For more information on any of Brad's appearances on television, go to:


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