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T70 - "Voice Of The Customer: An Evolving Body of Knowledge"

December Forum, Medical Device Group, Waltham, Massachusetts, USA
December 12, 2007 -- [48 Pages]

Description: The paper begins with an overview of advances in product delivery and development from the 1970s through the present. It identifies the importance of setting proper product requirements early in the development cycle and lists key factors that inhibit an organization's ability to do so. The paper reviews key aspects of Quality Function Deployment and "The House of Quality" matrix charts.

T70 provides a case study on a one-year project at Hewlett Packard in which the company identified 10 best practices that helped it achieve its goal of cutting product break-even time in half. It then shifts gears to examine the role of "Lead Users" in new product development. It describes how 3M uses a four-prong technique to identify and work with lead users in its markets.

The technical paper concludes with a list of attributes that allow properly instituted Voice of the Customer techniques to contribute to a company's bottom line.


Evolution Of Work vis-à-vis VOC

Quality Function Deployment

Product Definition

Lead Users

Definition Process Maturation


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