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T57 - "The Future Of Product Development Metrics: Corporations, Projs., and Functions" [2005 Presentation Slides]

10th Annual Metrics Conference: Product Development Metrics: Achieving The Full Value of R&D, Management Roundtable, Chicago, Illinois, USA
November 9, 2005 -- [73 pages]

Description: There are some clear trends emerging in the evolution of metrics for Product Development. Project metrics lead the maturity curve. There are evidences of common standardized sets of metrics. Corporation metrics and functional metrics are lagging in maturity, but will start to catch up in the next few years. Metrics experimentation is increasing. The search is on for the few metrics with the highest correlation to successful outcomes, and for those that may create competitive advantage. Metrics expansion is starting. The range of metrics companies are attempting to master now clearly includes advanced development, research, and important supporting processes such as product portfolio, project portfolio, technology portfolio and risk assessment. Over the last ten years, the evolution of this body of knowledge appears to be tracking closely to the way industry metrics for logistics and operations evolved. Projections on expected industry activities in these areas for the next five years, and for long term maturity, will be offered for consideration.

The Table of Contents of this document is depicted below:


Future Realities
Number & Types Of Measures
Sets Of Measures
Correlation Of Measures
Current Focus Areas
Future Focus Areas
Corporate, Project, & Functional Trends
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