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T52 - "Structured Innovation: Positioning Innov. Tools & Exer. in NPD Proc. Frwk." [2005 Presentation Slides] "

GGI White Paper, Goldense Group, Inc., Needham, MA, USA
May 19, 2005 -- [105 pages]

This presentation describes a range of innovation tools and techniques in the context of the product development process. The first section provides an overview of the evolving nature of structured processes for innovation, which will help you to choose the best tools or technique at the right time in the product development process. The second section provides details on the wide range of tools, techniques, and software available to create innovation. An extensive list of innovation techniques is included, showing the most appropriate time in the product development process to use them. Three innovation techniques, Lateral & Parallel Thinking, TRIZ, and Lead User Identification, are discussed in detail, with information on related software. A full list of software products for innovation is also provided as well as selected software reviews.

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