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T62 - "R&D Productivity: Senior Management Levers" [2006 Presentation Slides]

GGI White Paper, Goldense Group, Inc., Needham, Massachusetts, USA
May 17, 2006 -- [68 pages]

Senior managers must keep pressure on R&D and product development to maximize the use of resources. There are over 20 ways that management can increase the leverage from R&D spending. They range from strategy setting at the highest level to monitoring operational activities at the lowest level. In the middle of these two extremes are several tactical activities in which senior management can also be involved.

This technical paper explains a number of readily accessible tools and techniques that are currently underutilized by most senior R&D and product development professionals.

The Table of Contents of this document is depicted below:


A Set Of Metrics
Metrics That Matter
New Product Sales & Profits
Product Life Cycle Management
Return On Innovation
Capacity Management
Project Investments
Intellectual Property
GGI Business Profile

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