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T95 - "Product Development Practices In The Manufacturing Sector: 2010-2020 [Presentation Slides]"

The 2013 International Forum on Design for Manufacture and Assembly, Boothroyd-Dewhurst, Inc., Providence, Rhode Island, USA
June 14, 2013 -- [40 Pages]

Description: This presentation is a preliminary summarization of research that is actively in process. It represents a selected sample of approximately seventy companies that have been determined by the GGI research team to be generally representative of overall industry practices. The application of statistical parameters indicating margins of error and other codifying statistics is not appropriate at this time. The reader is encouraged focus on overall findings where there are large differences between data sets, and to focus obvious changes shown by these data from what experienced practitioners would consider to be traditional regular historical practices. A proper statistically-based compilation of the research findings will be performed on the entire population later this year when the research is completed.

The focus of this research is on the Organic R&D-Product Development Operating Environment, Organic Innovation, Open Innovation, Intellectual Property, and CXO Corporate Metrics for these activities. The research is aimed at culling-out industry’s current deployment and utilization of selected innovation and intellectual property strategies, processes, practices, techniques, and measures.

This paper addresses, in a preliminary way, the first four of the five research areas. CXO Corporate Metrics, covered in this presentation by citing prior GGI research studies, has a large population of 101 metrics that are used in industry and a sample size of seventy companies is not sufficient to summarize findings for that research area at this time.

Section Titles:

A. Respondent Profile

B. R&D Operating Environment

C. Organic Innovation

D. Open Innovation

E. Intellectual Property

F. Top Corporate Metrics Used in Industry RD&E [Prior Research]


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