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T82 - "Product Development Metrics For Manufacturers: Measuring Overall Productivity"

OMTEC 2010 Conference Proceedings, Orthoworld - Knowledge Enterprises & The Institute For Orthopaedics™, Rosemont, Illinois
June 16, 2010 -- [72 Pages]

Description:Globalization, business alliances, and the need for improved organic innovation to gain strategic advantage are driving significant changes in both management and measurement practices for innovative functions. Improvements in the science of management of these activities is on the fast track. Some emergent techniques of a few years ago are now clear trends. Companies that traditionally have minimized "R" activities and focused on "D" are now significantly increasing their investments in Applied Research and Advanced Development activities. These increases have resulted in the need for better oversight and control of these larger investments. Tailored "process-ware" is rapidly being developed to give management better visibility. Accordingly, the importance of Intellectual Property is on the rise and will continue rising for the next two decades. This presentation will provide attendees with a state-of-practice snapshot across R&D management and measurement activities. Primary research that showcases industry increases in earlier-stage activities will be discussed. The key metrics that capture overall R&D performance, that are also likely to pass the test of time, will be identified. Organization-wide corporate R&D Metrics practices will be benchmarked, along with the most frequently used metrics for R&D and Product Development. A framework that delivers a comprehensive metrics solution, that mirrors the way that most companies manage their inventive activities, will be explained to conclude the session.Specific Points Adressed: 

  • Industry's increase in earlier-stage R&D activities, versus Product Development
  • The growth in "process-ware" for earlier-stage R&D activities, versus Product Development
  • The importance of Intellectual Property in the next two decades
  • The key industry metrics that measure overall R&D performance
  • The Top 10 metrics used across industries
  • The top R&D productivity measures

Tools That Can be Put to Immediate Use: 

  • Benchmark of industry adoption of Applied Research and Advanced Development practices
  • Benchmark of industry creation of processes for pre-product development investments
  • Leading-edge practice for the creation of product development business plans
  • Historical benchmark and future forecast of the number of metrics used in R&D
  • Comprehensive framework for managing all R&D metrics that will link across organization levels

Section Title: 

Evolution of R&D and IP Processes 1940 – 2030
Emergent R&D-Product Development Measures
Top R&D-Product Development Metrics Used in Industry
Number of Metrics Governing Corporations and R&D
Linked Metrics Portfolio

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